Mukto Mona Joins Darwin Day Celebrations:
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Mukto-Mona Moderation Team

Published on September 03, 2009



Mukto Mona would like to announce our support for the International Darwin Day celebrations on Feb 12th in keeping with our aim of promoting Science and Humanity. Darwin and his first publication of the book The Origin of Species contributed to a change in human thoughts not just in the field of science, but also in the humanities. It contributed to ending forever certain creationist religious myths that had been a staple of human thought in many centuries that preceded it. And, it contributed to understanding human evolution and the process of life in a way that none had before it. The official website commemorating this event is and those interested may register individually to express their solidarity with the organizers of the event. More information about Charles Darwin is available on the BBC's website at in an article by noted scientist Prof Richard Dawkins.


To commemorate this event, we would like to request our members to send their articles for our special Darwin Day page which would be launched on this day. Please send in your articles at [email protected] before Feb the 10th so that we have time to design the page in time for the celebration. Darwin Day is now becoming a major international celebration of science and humanity. Celebrate with us, and let us plan for a BIG celebration on the 12th February with you.  

With thanks and best wishes, 

Mukto Mona Moderation Team

Thursday, September 03, 2009