An Interview with the Suicide Bombers 

 HassanAl Abdullah

Published on February 13, 2007



A group of outraged extremists come forward in a satellite TV station in a slow pace . . . Looking at their young faces, we feel the stars are guilty as well . . .

"What do you want?"
 --We want to travel through the beauty of the galactic light . . . We want to enjoy ourselves in the sky.

"What do you think you'll get there?"
--The virgins of Heaven will wash our feet, they will kiss us to sleep . . . and at times they'll feed us with their golden fingers.

"How many virgins do you need?"
 --Not even a one less then seventy . . . and whatever else was promised . . . we want all . . . all of it . . . rivers of wine . . . gardens of fruit . . .We want to die; we want to be martyrs!


--Death, that is all we want . . . it can offer us the true value of life . . .

We want to drag time out of the rotten rib . . . we believe in compete freedom to make love.

"Why are you killing innocent human beings? Why are you setting fire to the skies and the stars?"
--A new form of life never came forward without the blood of men and stars.

"Who gave you the power to call this ancient idea new?"
--Religion and complete darkness.


HassanAl Abdullah is a poet. Author of 9 books including 6 collections of poetry. He is the editor of a bilingual poetry journal, Shabdaguchha. Mr. Abdullah teaches math and computer for the New York City High School. E-mail: [email protected]