Thank you, Poet!

Poet Shamsur Rahman

Thousands of Bangalees are
Mourning your departure.
Even those who don't read 
Much of poetry realize-
You are needed
So much in this time of darkness.
Even those who didn't
Ever bother to buy a book of poetry
were touched by your immortal creations:
And more.
For sure, "Life is" "a tale
Told by an idiot
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing."
 I don't dare
To differ with Shakespeare.
Yet I'd ask him, If I were given
A chance to meet:
"Dear King of England's Kings,"
"I revere  you not because
You said something extraordinary
But because you have reminded us of
Most ordinary truth
In an extraordinary way."
May be, one day,
All Shudansghus will be
Gone off from Bangladesh.
May be, one day, 
The red-green flag of Bangladesh
Will be replaced by  one
With "Allahu Akbar" on it.
Yet any poetry lover
Reading Bengali poems of
Last fifty years anytime in future
Shall not forget-
Bangladesh gave birth to 
A Shamsur Rahman.
Poet, you did, what I cannot;
And most couldn't.
Thank you, Shamsur Rahman--
The poet from the soil of Bangladesh.
Thank you very much!

by Jahed Ahmed

New York

About the author: Jahed Ahmed is the co-moderator of

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