Astounding Similarities between Ancient and Modern Assassinations!  

By Syed Kamran Mirza

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[This write-up of mine is dedicated to Professor Dr. Humayun Azad who was the latest victim of Islamic assassination attempt by Bangladeshi Islamists]

   It is stunningly surprising to see that the similarities between 7th century assassinations and 21st century assassination are 100% copy-cat. Both the ancient assassinations and modern assassinations are identical by both the cause and method. Yes, I am talking about the recent heinous assassination attempt of Prof. Humayon Azad by the Islamic goons. One and only reason why Islamic jihadis targeted him was his relentless criticism of Islam and Islamic fundamentalists in Bangladesh . In the past he wrote many books in which he very courageously parodied some untold incongruities of Islam. Some of his books were banned in Bangladesh . His recent book “Pak-Sar-Zamin-Shad-Bad” was a fabulously written book in which he very successfully lampooned exposing the heinous activities of Bangladeshi Islamists/Jihadis (read Jamatis, Al-badr, Al-Shams) during Bangalees freedom war in 1971. Peaceful (?) Islamists could tolerate no more! They continuously sent him death threats by phone and by letters. Razakar Maoulana Sayeedi and others issued open fatwas to punish this murtad—the enemy of Allah and Prophet. They decided to assassin him by the Islamic style-a la tactics of Muhammad-the holy Prophet of Islam.

 Please compare incidents below:  

Summary of the similar Assassinations happened by the direct order/request of Prophet Muhammad. Every item (below) can be substantiated by Sahi hadiths available today:

1)Ibn Sunayna, a Jewish man who was murdered because he was simply a Jew who used to criticize Muhammad’s doctrine of Islam.
2) Abu Afak, a 120-year-old man, murdered while he slept simply because he used to parody (by his poetry) Muhammad’s Islamic doctrines.
3) Asma Marwan, mother of 5 children, murdered while she slept simply because she used to write poetry—lampooning Islamic doctrines and about Muhammad.
4) A slave women, mother of two children, murdered while she slept—simply because she used to parodied Islam.
5) A one-eyed shepherd, murdered while he slept—simply because he used to parodied Islam.
6) A slave girl, who was murdered because she poked fun at Muhammad.
7) Abdullah bin Ubayy who was killed by a Shabi whom the Prophet permitted to tell lie  (“ can I say something untrue, O Prophet?”….”Yes, you may say that for Allah’s cause”) to win his (Ubayy) confidence to become friend before killing.
8) Ka’ab bin Ashraf who was killed in sleep—simply because he was a rival to Muhammad’s leadership.

Islamic histories, biographies and sahi hadiths clearly and authentically witnessed that Merciful Prophet of Islam personally requested, demanded and ordered his true followers to carry out these above assassinations to protect his peaceful Islam. Similarly, Bangladeshi Razakars and Islamists regularly inciting Islamic goons (Chatra-Shibirs) to assassinate all Bangali Murtad-enemy of Islam, only to pave the way to make Bangladesh an Islamic paradise like Talibani Afghanistan.

 Honorable readers, do you see astounding similarities between the ancient and modern assassinations? I am sure you are now convinced with this copy-cat comparison! What could be the better similarities than this?

Identical killing tactis:

In both cases (Ancient and modern) the causes and methods are identically 100% similar. Perhaps, many can not quite conceive why these Islamic goons used Chapatis (read sword of Bangalees) and Axes to assassinate Bangali Murtads instead of using simple and sure method of bullets. This is because they are the true Muslims and true followers of the best human Prophet Muhammad. It’s not true that they have any shortage of guns and pistols. But they are afraid to disobeying Prophet’s methods and tactics. They are desperate to get full benefits (getting lucrative Islamic heavens as promised by the Quran) of their service to Islam. Therefore they are bound to use Prophetic methods (read Islamic style) of assassinating the enemies of Allah and Prophet by silting necks, cutting hands and legs by Bangladeshi sword (read chapatti, ax, knives).

 Hope it is now clear why Islamic goons are cutting necks (Zabai), chopping wrists, hands and legs of anybody who dare to go against Allah and Prophet throughout the Khalrda-Nizamis new Islamized Bangladesh. Insaallah— Bangladesh is going to experience more and more similar assassination tactics in the near future. They have their hit list and these time under the well protection and care of the wife of the ray ban-clad general Zia—Islamists (read razakars of 1971) will finish their entire Islamic task which they could not finish in 1971, simply because of the intervention by the neighboring Kaffirs of India. This time nobody is going to help protect Bangalees. Razakars will clean Bangladesh only to have Murtad-free Islamic paradise of Bangladesh . Thanks to our blind-eyed hypocritical (munafake) Banglaee elites (both residing inside BD and outside in the western paradise of democracy).

My only feeble hope that, perhaps the present uprising of freedom-loving Banglalees will be able to upset Mullah’s dream by toppling Khaleda-Nizami Govt. and save Bangladesh which was earned at the exchange of a sea of bloods. If Banglaees do fail, then it is sure and certain, that Bangladesh will experience a horrendous blood-baths (all freethinkers will be killed) like Khomeini’s Iran from which an Islamic paradise will be evolved over the ashes of democratic Bangladesh of 1971.

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