A Note of Thanks & Acknowledgement   

Mukto-Mona Moderation Team

Published on Darwin Day (February 12, 2006)

We at Mukto-Mona would like to thank everyone who has helped make the celebration of Darwin Day a success. Our thanks are due to everyone who helped make this event a success, and, in particular to those who have helped us with the special page that we have dedicated to the occasion on our website. Prof Eric Chaisson of the Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University is to be thanked for letting us use his page design and graphics on our page in particular. Thanks are also due to Prof. Victor Stenger who consented to giving us an interview for this occasion.

Among organizations that have come forward with messages of support and solidarity, the Center for Inquiry is an organization that has mentored and helped us for a long time. We would like to individually thank Prof Paul Kurtz, Dr Austin Dacey and Susan Jacoby for their separate messages of encouragement. Prof Narendra Nayak, President of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations is someone whom we consider one of us. He has always been supportive of our work and has freely given us his writings on his many exposes of charlatans in India and outside. Our thanks are due to Prof Nayak for his warm message the instant he became aware of the fact that Mukto-Mona was going to celebrate Darwin Day. Prof Newton Joseph whose Atheist Fellowship has offered us permission to post his writing on Mukto-Mona, is someone whose work our members would be seeing regularly in the future. Our thanks are due to Prof Newton for his encouragement and support. Leo Igwe, recipient of the Freidenkers’ award for 2005, whose articles and dispatches are frequently published on our pages, is a friend to Mukto-Mona who has joined in the celebrations with a zeal that is typical of him, and we thank him for his always enthusiastic support. Our next two supporters, Pamela Taylor, Co-Chair of the Progressive Muslim Union and Tarek Fatah of the Canadian Muslim Congress are religious members who have offered us their support in bringing the message of Darwin Day to the Muslim community. While it is commonly portrayed in media that majority members of today’s Muslim community are dogmatic, superstitious and like to live in 7th century world, the strong support from Pamela Taylor of the Progressive Muslim Union and Tarek Fatah of Canadian Muslim Congress for upholding Darwinism shows definitely the bright side of the moon. Prof Ajoy Roy has been one of our guiding lights, someone who has always had words of encouragement and enthusiastic support to us in our endeavors. Our thanks are due to him for his constant support. We live in an age where cinema influences peoples’ thoughts probably to a much greater extent than any other medium. Syed Hasan Imam, the renowned actor and film personality from Bangladesh has shown his solidarity with Mukto-Mona on this occasion in a gesture that is much appreciated. Robyn Johannes, President of the Union des Athees in Europe has also extended his warm support and given us his views on the importance of celebrating this occasion. Our thanks are also due to Prof Abdus Shahid for his warm greetings from New Jersey, and scientists and researchers Manju Biswas and Dr S I Shelley. We must offer our thanks to members of the press who have come forward to offer their support - Aminul Islam Bedu and ABM Saleh Uddin are two senior journalists from Bangladesh and Quazi A. Haque, the Senior Development Engineer of Dade Behring Inc. who have offered words of encouragement and expressed their solidarity on this occasion. And, our final thanks are due to our members and readers. We hope that the effort that we have put into designing this page and producing it brings you material that you enjoy reading. We invite, as always, your views on the matters under discussion here. But, first of all, we invite you to celebrate the cause of Science, Humanism and Rationalism in this secular festival.

A Very Happy Darwin Day and Humanist future to everyone.