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Kissing Hank's Backside : Forwarded by Ashraful Alam

Here's a sanitized version of this popular joke that is so analogous to how religious myths about angels, divine(!) prophets performing miracles, Supreme Being(s) in charge of the Universe have propagated from generation to generation; circular logic that is a part and parcel of the defense-work of irrational beliefs is also jocosely displayed. Please read till the end to appreciate the similitude....(Read more)


Resolution : Forwarded by Lopa Tasneem

Poetic Justice, or what to do with bin Laden? Killing him will only create a martyr. Holding him prisoner will inspire his comrades to take hostages to demand his release. Therefore, I suggest we do neither. Let the Special Forces, Seals or whatever covertly capture him, fly him to an undisclosed hospital and have surgeons quickly ....(Read more)


If we wrote Quran/Bible/Gita... : Compiled  by Avijit & Alam

Last night I was thinking that if we freethinkers/atheists/non-believers/agnostics wrote the holy books like Quran/Bible/Gita, what would those holy verses look like ...

Jesus could not have been my son I was out of my home that night" 

Though shalt not kill, except in the name of God

....(Read more)








Breakfast at Cafe Chernobyl : Dr. A. H. Jaffor Ullah

This lampoon will startle you because Narayan Gupta did some original art work. A bigot Mullah wrote in NFB once that Bangladesh should develop N-bombs so that India could not grab our land. I have lampooned the Mullahs idea. The Breakfast idea came from one prolific writer because he mentioned some thing about having "Nasta" after killing a few Hindus ("Ekta duitaa Hindu dhoro, shokaal bikaal nasta koro").I combined this this two themes to write this lampoon appropriately called - Breakfast at Cafe Chernobyl ....(Read more)


Allah's Mighty Throne In the Seventh Heaven : Abul Kasem

Does Allah have an executive office (Arsh� or Throne)? Does Allah have a desk, chair, and a diary � a super-duper one -- to manage His affairs of heaven and earth? Where is His Throne? How does it look like? Does Allah have secretaries and personal assistants? Have Allah hands, feet, and eyes? Does Allah have telephones, fax machines, PCs, PDAs, the Internet, and all other office equipment that are used by every executive in a modern office? ? Nay, He does not need them because there are no earthlings who know how to fix them because ....(Read more)


SMI in Apollo 13 : S. A. Montu

It is an untold story of an (Islami) agnostic who has already been appeared in cyberspace as the clamorer of holy humanity.  For that last couple of months in all distinguished forums and newspapers (including NFB) and everywhere, people got n headache of listening his morbid outcry - "Islam vs. Humanity" and "Koran is Bulshit" !  ....(Read more)


Interview with a Vampire : S. A. Montu

Good day ladies and gentlemen. This is your host Daniel Malloy bringing you live another edition of "Interview with a vampire". In today's show we have the pleasure to have a vampire who stands in a class of his own. While my boss Anne Rice had for years held onto the belief that a vampire sans his spiky teeth is not a real vampire, our guest today has chiseled off that myth. ....(Read more)



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