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Jibanananda Das's poem -2:

Shesh Holo Jiboner Shob lenden




            Having done with my ledger of life

            Jibanananda Das
            (Translation: A.H. Jaffor Ullah)

            Finally, I�m done with the ledger of my life,
            Miss Banalata Sen!

            Where have you gone at this odd hour?
            Kingfisher hasn�t neglected its midday sport,
            Sarika still returns to the nest,
            River has become frothy in exuberance,
            Still no sign of you, Miss Bonolata Sen!

            Haven�t seen anyone like you � nowhere?
            Why did you have to leave ahead any of us?
            Makes me wonder � why you turned this world
            of ours, into a desert wasteland.
            (why it had to be you!)
            Shattering the wizards�s sorcery
            You departed from this earth,
            My familiar Miss Bonolata Sen.

            Many a gloaming must desend over the horizon,
            Many a night must we sleep next to a squalor
            Many a time must we rouse by wild wind,
            The night train must have reached
            the station amidst oak and jombu forest,
            taking away my night princes, Miss Bonolata Sen.
            This poem appears in the ungrouped (Ogronthito Kobita) poems

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