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Jibanananda Das's poem -4

"An October Morning"

(Kartiker Bhorbela)



              An October morning

              Jibanananda Das

              [Translation by: A.H. Jaffor Ullah)

              In one October morning,
              some dewdrops fell on my face and hair.
              The dewdrops are here through
              sarika* bird�s courtesy.

              Three drenched sarika birds
              almost touching an emblica^ tree
              enjoying the sun�s warmth.
              Is it an indigo-laden blue field?
              Or is it an azure sky?
              Is it the sun?  Or something sun-like?

              The bird slithers away
              from our world into its own.
              In my life, I have seen many sarika birds,
              but never have I seen anything
              like those three.
              *sarika bird is indigenous to India and is called shalik in Bangla.
              ^emblica is known as Amloki in Bangla

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