By fatemolla

A tiny little insignificant writer activist; I have no yardstick of audacity
to measure great philosophers. Like flowers of a garden all of them are
colourfully magnificent in their respective places. Without them we, even
today, would still be living naked in caves eating raw fish/meat, with no
language to speak.

Decades have passed since I read him. Till today Aroz Ali Matubbor speaks in my thoughts. He is the man who single-handedly taught me how to question century-old strongly established all faith and belief systems. Whatever I am today and whatever I will become in my activism on Islam is excellently and permanently sized and shaped by mainly this otherwise illiterate farmer. All the illiterates of the world can be genuinely proud of him.

My salute always and ever to this extreme genius, my Guru, of my beloved
beautiful motherland.



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