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Qura�anic science, or science in the Qura�an?  There is a big difference. The debate about the latter was always interesting to follow in hundreds of Waj-Mahfils, books, internet-articles and recently in NFB for the second time.   

A cloth-store is OK if it does not sell shoes. A book of religion should be OK too if it does not handle science/technology.  But that is not to be. Why? Because the Qura�an itself demands  repeatedly that it is a book of science ( Moha  Bigganmoy Kitab).  What branch of science? Social science? Library science? Political science? No answer. Our Maolanas gave the answer in the line of technological/medical science relating blurry wordings of the book with practical examples of embryology, astronomy, Big-Bang, etc.  

No Maolana says, but Hindus are a step ahead of us in their similar claims with more visible examples.  �Ognibaan�  and   �Pushpak Roth� of Rabon in �Longka Kando� in  Ramayon are very close to  Ballistic missiles and fighter planes.  The statue of Lord Gonesh, with an elephant-head on a human body is a clear example of  body-parts transplant. We believe theirs are wrong. What about ours? 

Ours are not so clearly visible.  Lots of �if�s and �but�s are needed. It all depends on what is in your mind. Remember the case of the rose-colored cloud in the evening? A �Pagla Mojnu� will see nothing but the beautiful romantic rose-colored face of his beloved �Laila� in that cloud. But a monkey-charmer  ( Bedey)  clearly sees the back of a monkey under its tail ( the same color! ) in the same cloud. The wording of the Qura�an in many respects are such that you can �fix� those at both North or South pole.  

But we are out there to prove that the different fates and paths of each of 6 Carbon atoms of Glucose molecule in a TCA cycle are �clearly written� in our book with numerical values of energies of ATPs.  The tremendous researches involving intricate particles behind all those medicines, those shooting rockets, incredible monitoring machines in all those hospitals, stunning proud footsteps of science everywhere in every second of our lives are �clearly written� there. Why we have to do that? Why we have to �Hijack� so much of human labor/achievement/pride to attribute to divine entity(Thanks, Shabbir)?   

Oh, we HAD to do it, Brother!  Science made its presence so impersonally  strong everywhere that we logically felt threatened. We had to shake hands with this strongest achievements of mankind. We had to get moral strength from this friendship for our survival and to save our faces. Otherwise we were to make a �Graceful Retreat�. Well, it is true, as Syed Mirza correctly said, that no Madrasa, though deep lost in the book, ever invented/discovered any damn thing. This is also true, as Aparthib/Avijit correctly said, all �scientific� claims were always made not before but only after the inventions/discoveries, Recently somebody successfully came up with example of DNA in the book, only after its invention. What these darn facts tell us?  

It is difficult to combat a belief-system with something, which is not so clearly visible.  Let us try about The Qura�an:-  

1.      Its messy compilation. Ayats are not chronological. A sentence is followed by another, which is revealed after years.  Suras are not arranged subject wise.  Abrupt change of subject in the same Sura.    Like :- �Bangladesh is an agricultural country.  It is full of rivers.  World War �2 started on 1st September 1939 when Germany attacked Poland on the issue of �Polish Corridor�.  Bangladeshi peasants made bumper corps for consecutive 3 years now��.�.  Orders of the moment and eternal orders are mixed up. That is why �The Other Qura�an� is so necessary today. Don�t get panic; it is of same Arabic text with detailed background of each Ayat- made by Hz. Ali (RA).   (Hadis Al Kafi � Vol-1-AL-USUL-PART TWO, 4:THE BOOK OF DIVINE PROOF-II-page176. Want photocopy? Send address).   

2.      Serious vagueness in the wordings of Laws. A law, which decides life�s happiness and sorrow, must be extremely clear in its words so that nobody can �play� with them. The effect of this vagueness is clear in thousands of cries of pains, appearance of Killer Muslims and so called �Unreal Islam�.  

3.      Laws about women. The most cruel, inhumane and cunning aspect of Islami Sharia.  No check-&-balance established. Fine prints are there too. �She may or may not spend her own income in the family� seems like great women-right, but deep down it clearly informs her that it is not her home, her family.

 4.      Any man, without considering his morality, is placed �a degree above� over any woman, without considering her quality.  

5.      Contradictory instructions about making friends in this age of movement of people in different parts of the world. ( Mumtahina-9, Mayedah 51, Imran-118, etc.)  

6.      A Prayer is sacred, highly spiritual, tranquilizing and meditating. We have Suras with hyper violence and orders of killing.  (�Let the hands of Abu Lahab be destroyed�.Sura Lahab-1.  � Let people be destroyed�( Sura Abasa- 17).  �Kill them��  �Hit them���Uuuuuff!  hundreds of examples! What type of prayer is this? What quality of prayer is this with destruction, killing and hitting?

 7.      Handling sex/adultery highly unbalanced needs a book to address. The filthiest expression I have ever come across is �The women of heaven will be created in such a way that after each copulation they will become virgin again�. ( Tafseer, - Page-1327- Bangla Qura�an- Maolana Muhiuddin Khan). What a wild naked lust for virgins! ( Udogro  Lalosha). What an attraction for heaven!  What an insult to our mothers, sisters, daughters!  SHAME!  

8.      Rituals are placed way over good way of living such as feeding hungry, serving humanity etc. Not praying almost takes you away from Islam ( some Maolanas say �Kafir�)  not feeding a dying starving person does not.  It is only advised without legal backing.  

9.       Slavery. Slave girls. THE blackest spot on human history. The blackest spot on Muslims.  We saw hundreds of desperate attempts of Maolanas to defend it, to rationalize it. But a slave is a slave is a slave. It is yet to be addressed in details in NFB.  It is possible to show how the freedom of the slaves is advised on every opportunity on one side, and legislation made to chain them hardest possible on the other.  It can be safely said that if a true Islamic state is formed, we may see markets exclusive for selling/buying human beings as slaves. Also we may see concubines, all legally according to the book. And those human beings will be   exactly like us, with dreams, pains, smiles, and tears. And they will be our properties just as our shoes.  We can deal with this issue in details if anybody wants to discuss.  

There are so many.  �Rizk� is guaranteed from God and we saw 10 million ( not a typo) people died clean out of starvation in 1276 Bangla-year ( Chhiattorer  Monmontor).  There was no rain for consecutive 8 years, 1/3rd of total population of 30 million died without food. Look at Somalia today. I remember once Brother Shamimur Rahman (?) said  in NFB that he was yet to see any contradiction in the Qura�an.  Brother, in the vast desert of the Middle East, there is a beautiful village called Al- Othba. I saw it, I went there. My seeing is the definite proof of its existence.  If you did not see it, your �not seeing� is not a proof of its non-existence. Right?  Please look at No. 5 above.  

Well, It is interesting that our Brothers show only one side. And our Mirzas, Aparthibs, Avijits,  Shabbirs show only the other. Is there no miracle in the Qura�an? Not at all?  Uhu!  Uhu!!  There are undeniable, irrefutable aspects there.  Next, I will deal with those and the ball will be in your court.



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