Harun Yahya disses "Islamic Scientists" (Part 2)
Posted by THHuxley on Wednesday, March 24, 2004

In the third part of his book , �The Qur'an Leads the Way to Science,� Oktar makes a tiny bit of progress. This is the list of �MODERN SCIENTISTS OF FAITH� and it is more than half again longer than his previous list; fully 155 named scientists.

And whereas the last list had NO Muslims at all in it, this one does a little better.

There is one.

Yes that�s right. Out of 255 �scientists of faith� that Oktar was able to come up with, ONLY A SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS MUSLIM.

And the progress made here is balanced by the fact that in this current list, at least 18 of them are members of the most fundamentalist Christian movements in America, and openly consider Muhammad and the Qur�an to be tools of shaytan.

So it is difficult to figure out how the Qur�an could possibly have led them to science.

Here�s the list:

Dr. Henry Fritz Schaefer
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Malcolm Duncan Winter, Jr.
William Phillips
Prof. Dale Swartzendruber
William Dembski
Prof. Stephen Meyer
Prof. Walter L. Bradley
Earl Chester Rex
Dr. Allan Sandage
Prof. Cecil Boyce Hamann
Paul Ernest Adolph
Lester John Zimmerman
Enrico Medi
Wayne U. Ault
Prof. Michael P. Girouard
Prof. Edward Boudreaux
Prof. Kenneth Cumming
Prof. Carl Fliermans
Prof. David Menton
Prof. John Morris
Arthur Peac*cke
Albert McCombs Winchester
Mehdi Golshani [[[[[[[-----------THE LONE MUSLIM
Prof. Edwin Fast
Charles H. Townes
John Polkinghorne
Hugh Ross
Prof. Dr. Duane Gish
Dr. Pierre Gunnar Jerlstrom
Dr. Stephen Grocott
Dmitry Kouznetsov
Dr. Emil Silvestru
Dr. Andre Eggen
Dr. Ian Macreadie
Prof. Andrew Conway Ivy
Dr. Raymond Jones
Jules H. Poirier
Michael J. Behe
Philip Johnson
Charles Birch
S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Prof. Owen Gingerich
Prof. Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker
Prof. David Berlinski
Prof. William Lane Craig
Dr. Kurt Wise
Siegfrid Hartwig Scherer
J.P. Moreland
Paul A. Nelson
Prof. Jonathan Wells
Dr. Don Batten
Dr. John Baumgardner
Prof. Dr. Donald Chittick
Dr. Werner Gitt
Dr. Gary E. Parker
Dr. Margaret Helder
Prof. Dr. Jonathan D. Sarfati
Prof. Robert Matthews
Dr. Claude Tresmontant
Dr. Don Page
Dr. Andrew Snelling
Dr. Carl Wieland
John K.G. Kramer
Dr. Jerry Bergman
Dr. Kimberly Berrine
Jay L. Wile
Prof. Vladimir Betina
Dr. Andrew Bosanquet
Dr. David R. Boylan
Dr. Clifford Burdick
Robert Kaita
Alexander V. Lalomov
Prof. Dr. Steve Austin
Prof. Robert Newman
Prof. Siegfried Scherer
Dr. Russell Humphreys
Dr. Geoff Downes
Dr. Larry Butler
Prof. Linn E. Carothers,
Prof. Sung-Do Cha
David Dewitt
Prof. Dr. Eugene F. Chaffin
Dr. Choong-Kuk Chang
Prof. Chung-Il Cho
Dr. Harold Coffin
Dr. Jack W. Cuozzo
Dr. Malcolm Cutchins
Dr. Lionel Dahmer
Dr. Raymond V. Damadian
Dr. Chris Darnbrough
Dr. S. E. Aw
Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. Paul Ackerman
Dr. Douglas Dean
Dr. Don DeYoung
Prof. Danny Faulkner
Prof. Dennis L. Englin
Prof. Robert H. Franks
Dr. Donald Hamann
Dr. Barry Harker
Dr. Charles W. Harrison
Dr. Harold R. Henry
Dr. Joseph Henson
Robert A. Herrmann
Dr. Russell Humphreys
Dr. Jonathan W. Jones
Dr. Valery Karpounin
Dr. Dean Kenyon
Dr. John W. Klotz
Dr. Vladimir F. Kondalenko
Dr. Leonid Korochkin
Prof. Jin-Hyouk Kwon
Prof. Myung-Sang Kwon
Prof. John Lennox
Dr. John Leslie
Prof. Lane P. Lester
Prof. George D. Lindsey
Dr. Alan Love
Prof. Marvin L. Lubenow
Dr. Andrew McIntosh
Dr. John Mann
Dr. Frank Marsh
Dr. Ralph Matthews
Dr. John Meyer
Dr. Henry M. Morris
Dr. Len Morris
Dr. Graeme Mortimer
Prof. Hee-Choon No
Dr. David Oderberg
Prof. John Oller
Prof. Chris D. Osborne
Dr. John Osgood
Dr. Charles Pallaghy
Prof. J. Rendle-Short
Dr. Jung-Goo Roe
Dr. David Rosevear
Dr. Young-Gi Shim
Dr. Mikhail Shulgin
Dr. Roger Simpson
Dr. Harold Slusher
Prof. Man-Suk Song
Prof. James Stark
Prof. Brian Stone
Dr. Lyudmila Tonkonog
Dr. Larry Vardiman
Dr. Joachim Vetter
Dr. Noel Weeks
Dr. A. J. Monty White
Prof. A. E. Wilder-Smith
Dr. Clifford Wilson
Prof. Verna Wright
Prof. Seoung-Hoon Yang
Dr. Ick-Dong Yoo
Dr. Sung-Hee Yoon


--- Once Again - khateraA_ - Wednesday, March 24, 2004 - ( 2 )
what are u trying to prove by this THHuxley? You have just (obviously) copied and pasted ONLY the non-muslim scientists. It doesnt make a difference no matter how many more athiest scientists list you present in this forum because obviousely Most of them are astray. This is also stated in the quran where Allah has mentioned that most of the mankind (especially in our generation) will be astray but shall we follow them? This is all part of the test in this life. If Everybody believed in Allah and followed islam then it wouldnt be a test would it? Unfortunately most people in this world have gone astray (as allah has mentioned) and they will repay for thier sins in the hearafter. I Thank Allah that i am not amongst those astray people and may Allah make my faith stronger and believe in him till death.

Fear Allah....to him is our return. May Allah guide you to the straight path...Ameen

------ KhateraA - Red_Scarf - Wednesday, March 24, 2004
THHuxley pasted the list from Harun Yahya's selection, not from his own selection of scientists. And he makes a well deserved point that you obviously failed to grasp. The Qur'an does not lead the way to science. If it did, then you wouldn't be learning from him, you would be teaching him instead. Thus, until the Muslims decide to branch outside of the Holy Qur'an, and seek the pools of knowledge that are graciously available, the non-Muslims shall continue to prevail over you.

The subjectiveness of Harun Yahya and his works has absolutely nothing to do with rejecting or accepting the belief in Allah. Pay attention Bro'.


-Imy Manz
------ Once Again, into the breach! - THHuxley - Thursday, March 25, 2004

"You have just (obviously) copied and pasted ONLY the non-muslim scientists."


Nope. You are wrong again ranger.

You can find the whole book on line. Go there. HarunYahya.com

See for yourself.

I posted EVERY scientist on his list. Every single one of them!

The fact that none of them are Muslim, even though they are being used by a Muslim Author to promote Islam and the Qur'an is the delicious irony that is the whole point.

Islam and science apparently ARE compatible.

Or Oktar would have found more than one out of 255. Don�t you think?


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