A Pseudo-scientist gets 25 million Taka from PM Khaleda!

 by Jahed Ahmed

It's midnight. While thinking to sign off from the Internet and instead, going to bed; I , amid a drowsy state, thought of surfing the day's Bangla daily Jugantor. A big picture of two smiling faces has suddenly alerted me: both those of recipient and the liberal (?) donor (see Jugantor issue, Friday, June 04, 2004 : http://www.jugantor.com/friday/).:



 Our honorable Bangladeshi Prime Minister Begum Khaleda has handed over a check worth two crores and fifty lakhs , or  in other words, 25 million Taka, to a scientist, who is more known as a devoted thinker spending his time in finding so called "scientific miracles in Quran" than a doing true or rationalistic science. His name is Prof. Dr. M. Shamsher Ali-  now the president of   Bangladesh Academy of Science. I don't know, what is the mystery behind their smiles; but I do know, despite scarcity of competent scientists in Bangladesh; there are, still, more capable and competent scientists than Quranic researcher Dr. S. Ali.

For the kind attention of readers, three facts about Dr. Ali I am mentioning below:
1. Dr. Shamsher Ali is the chairperson of the board of authors, who , in the past, wrote such trashes as " Scientific Indications in The Holy Quran" , published by Islamic Foundations, BD  (For details- Interested readers may refer to  MM (www.mukto-mona.comauthors' page, where an article I wrote long ago for NFB entitled "Claiming Allah in Science: Hijacking Mankind´┐Żs Real Glory??" is available). 
2. He is one of the member of the editorial board of Bangla version of "Al Quranul Karim", published by Islamic Foundation, BD.
3. Before I came to USA, I had a privilege to interact with him in his Dhanmondhi's residence for a short while. I couldn't help pity the guy, who was so passionately busy in his small research (!) room equipped (?) with books full of so called "scientific miracles".
   When such big amount of money as 25 million Taka goes to the hands of a pseudo-scientist through the hands of the Prime Minister, herself, of one of the poorest countries in the world in the name of developing science and technology ; I am reminded of few lines of Poet Shamsur Rahman:
"My country runs on the back of a strange camel!"
("Odbhud uthher prishthey cholechhe swadesh")
(The end)
New York
4 May 2004

Jamal Hasan's comment:


I have extremely pleased to see your short piece on this mentally deranged gatekeeper of an archaic dogma, named Shamsher Ali. Like many of the folks growing up in the dogmatic religion called Islam, this guy made a 180 degree turn around to become a Islamist propagandist. I had the chance to meet this person back in 1973. Some of my friends Notre Dame Bangla teacher Mukhter Ahmed, Amit Bhattacharjee and myself formed a film club named CLAPSTICK FILM GUILD. Our inaugural ceremony was supposed to be held in the Atomic Energy Center Auditorium. Our first movie to be shown was "Porcupines are born without bristles" of Bulgaria. Shamsher Ali was very much helpful in giving us the auditorium. We met him on several occasions. He came across as a liberal Bengali Muslim person with good knowledge about contemporary Calcutta's art films. He talked about "Ajantrik" of Rittik Ghatok and Satyajit Ray's works. Never he appeared to be an Islamist. Today when I see his name in global science oriented Islamist activities, I can not believe my eyes. I did some research on him lately by GOOGLING Dr. Shamsher Ali. I found a treasure trove of information on his latest activities. It is very sad how Islamic virus affects any liberal human being who happened to be born in a Muslim family. More frustrating thing is this sort of "role models" are spreading a dangerous 1400 year old irrational dogma which is not good for the future of mankind. I think Muktomona, FFI and other freethinking forums should expose such conniving Mullahs who are real wolves in sheepskin. By the way, I wrote some comments about him 5/6 months ago - may be those can be traced in a forum like Nirvana.

Finally, you did an excellent job bringing the subject to the fore.


Sincerely yours,

Jamal Hasan


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