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Dry Branch Fire Squad: memories that bless and burn after all these years  Jan 14, 2006

Cat will never try to be on a hot tin roof, will he? 10/18/2004

1. A Professor from Germany who spoke the truth in a land of Islamists.  
German Professor's paper angered Bangladeshi Islamists; the fallout.

My day out to attend a Senate Hearing  2004/10/13

In Talibanistic Bangladesh, everything is possible! 9/26/2004

Rising tide of Islamism catapulted Jamaat into the forefront; how is the U.S. reacting to this new reality in Bangladesh? 2004/07/21

America�s dangerous liaison with Bangladesh Jamaat: an optimistic scenario 7/24/2004

The interesting letter that I received from my native land 7/18/2004

A nation so strange albeit with a bizarre mentality 2004/07/15 

A letter to uradhura.com web maker 7/13/2004 

Salauddin Quader Chowdhury joins the brigade of Israel bashing

Bangladeshi Islamist diplomatic fiasco is a cause to celebrate! 7/13/2004

Has Islam been hijacked? The roots and spread of radical Islam  2004/03/07

The grand design of the Grand Ayatollah of Iraq  2004/02/06

My day out to attend a Senate Hearing that did not go well from my perspective July 26, 2003

Is Wahhabism merely an aberration in contemporary Islamic thought? July 3, 2003

No freedom from childhood brainwashing: Refuting Syed M. Islam   June 13, 2003

 A defiant yet brutal face of Islamic fascism: a Third World scenario  April 25, 2003

Theocracy in Iraq: a dilemma [Jamal's comment and Perle's response]  April 22, 2003

Democratization of Islamic Societies: A Myth or a Possibility? April 14, 2003

Putting Everything in Perspective   April 10, 2003

Poison pill of Sharia


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