The Gross Inanities In Islamic Myth!

Nov. 25, 2001

Syed Kamran Mirza


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Islam is the champion of irrationality and myths, that is, Islam possesses more myths and superstitions than any other monotheistic and monolithic religion of the world.  Muslims widely believe that�Mosque, The Kaaba-Sharif, The Holy Koran never can be burned by fire, or Holy war and holy Jihad can never be defeated. Because, holy war/Jihad is always supported by Allah.  Islamic histories are loaded with myths and superstitions, which mullahs widely believe them. Prophet Muhammad�s success in his wars with pagan Arabs was seen as the divine blessings directly from Allah. There are very many stories of Angelic assistance and help in the holy wars of Muslims that were fought in the 7th century period.  The Koran and Hadith mentioned many such divine interventions in the holy wars, as if, Allah�s Angels and His Prophet fought the wars side-by-side.  Nevertheless, these were all but wishful, fabricated and fictitious stories Muslims swallowed in early period of brainwashing by Islamic myths and by rote learning.  

In many occasions of Indo-Pak wars�Pakistani soldiers and some devout Muslims used to believe that there would be some sort of divine intervention to protect Pakistan from the infidel Indians. During the Gulf War in 1991, some devout Muslims residing in the comfort zone of infidel USA aggressively argued with me that�infidel soldiers of America will not win the war with Iraq, because Iraq especially Baghdad is laden with many Muslim�s Holy places such as Bara Pir�s Dargha, etc., and they hoped that there will be some sort of divine intervention from Allah.  Saddam Hussein repeatedly claimed that Merciful Allah is on his side, he declared Holy war against America, therefore, infidel force will be defeated. Well, we all know what had happened to that Allah�s party in the Gulf War.  

The arguments and reasons cited by those wishful Muslims who supported Iraq during the Gulf War were of two different folds. (1) Iraq is a Muslim country and America and the west are the infidel nations, therefore Muslims, the Allah�s party, will defeat the infidels. (2) America is the paper tiger that was defeated by Vietnam people. Therefore, general hope among the Muslims was that America would be defeated by Muslim Iraq. The fact of the matter is, America was never defeated by Vietnam; America was actually defeated by the joint forces of Soviet Russia, China and Vietnamese. That is, America fought not just the Vietcong guerrillas alone, but America actually fought the combined forces of USSR, China and Vietnam�a formidable force indeed.


Birth of a New Islamic Myth: 

During the Afghan War with Soviet Russia in late �80s�the united force of Afghan Mujaheedin did not defeat Russia alone. Russia was defeated by another super power America.  Russia had to fight fanatic Afghan Mujaheedin armed with 100% by the most modern American weapons. Had there been no supply of American modern weapons and no boosting of morale (supports) by America, Britain and all the Muslim world�it would be absolutely impossible to defeat a super power such as Soviet Russia.  The strange thing is, Afghan Mujaheedins mistakenly thought that their victory against the super power Russia had to do with some kind of divine intervention.  Afghan Mujaheedin and Talibans considered Russia infidel godless force, and their victory against this infidel super power was taken as the Allah�s mercy to those pure Muslims of Afghan.  Later when Talibans, the more purified force of fanatic Mullahs, took over the whole Afghanistan from the moderate/socialistic forces of Afghanistan�Taliban fanatics truly believed that this victory definitely had to do with divine intervention by Merciful Allah. Their fanatic zeal was further energized tremendously by the Prophetic representation by the pure Arab Muslim Maulana Osama bin Laden.  Mr. bin Laden�s joining with Afghan Talibans was seen parallel to the 7th century leadership of Prophet Muhammad with those Arab Bedouins in Medina.  Their triumphant victory against the Soviet and the Afghan socialistic forces was seen as the good comparison with the victory of Prophet Muhammad against Arab pagan forces.  Osama bin Laden clearly spelled this idea in his fatwas (called bin Laden�s fatwa) issues for his Al-Qaeda disciples in 1996.  It was at that time that Afghan Talibans coupled with bin Laden�s fanatic zeal started to dream of spreading/exporting Jihadist Islamic ideals throughout the world.  They perceived the Soviet�s demise as the signal from Merciful Allah to conquer and spread Islamic Shariat to the whole world including America.  They selected the difficult terrain of Afghanistan as the breeding ground of the new generation of fierce Islamic soldiers, who will conquer whole world�thus fulfilling the Koranic injunction given by Prophet Muhammad. 

In many recent interviews with the western reporters, bin Laden openly asserted this belief in Allah�s assistance in his struggle against infidel America.  He and his Al-Qaeda strongly believed in the unseen delivery of Allah�s assistance in their Holy struggle, and they all were in very strong dream and illusions of this Islamic Myth, i.e., Allah�s unfailing assistance in their struggle against American infidels.  And this particular strong but idiotic belief system made them so daring, dangerous and callous in front of the well-known challenge from the only mighty superpower America.  They simply declared �Holy War� (Jihad) against the infidels and gave a clarion call to all Muslims of the world to joint in their �Holy Jihad� against the infidels.  Therefore, many young pure Muslims from Arab, Pakistan, Chechnya and other Muslim countries deliberately and cheerfully joined this holy party of Al-Qaeda.  Like those fanatic Bedouin Arab disciples of Prophet Muhammad in their Islamic Jihad in 7th century, Al-Qaeda fanatics had no fear of death whatsoever. They had death wish to become martyred to reach the Seventh Heaven (Islamic special paradise of Zannat Al-Firdous) to enjoy unlimited sex with paragon celestial wide-eyed houries. 

Getting the all out supports from Maulana bin-Laden (true reminiscent of 7th century Prophet), Mullah Muhammad Omar (reminiscent of 7th century�s hazrot Omar) the supreme leader of Talibans was also super energized by the divine fanatic Islamic zeal, and did not care at all about the mighty super power America.  This clodhopper half-educated Mullah Omar had the slightest idea about the modern weapons of America.  He openly asserted with many western reporters that his Jihadi force would defeat America just as they did to the Soviet. Even today, when his so called �Holy War� turned into a true �Holy Mess��Mullah Omar is in a strong delusion that, Allah�s mercy is on it�s way, coming soon from the heaven! Mullah Muhammad Omar, the supreme leader of Talibans who was interviewed (during the week of November 12,2001) by BBC said: �This is not a matter of weapons, we are hopeful for Allah�s help. The real matter is the extinction of America�this is my prediction. You believe it or not�it�s up to you.�  Anybody who listened the Taliban�s press release on November 20, 2001 could hear the same assertive hope and dream of Taliban leader and his Jihadi followers desperately gathered in Kandahar. Their hope still is �Allah�s help is coming from the Above as the Ababil birds. They will throw stones over the heads of Northern Alliance soldiers and on American soldiers. What a wishful dreamer this one-eyed Mullah is!


The famous Ababil Myth of Quran: 

The Quranic Sura# 105 (Sura Fil, or The Elephant): states that, Allah sent divine birds called �ABABIL� to destroy the infidels from Yemen who wanted to destroy Kaaba house (house of Allah) in Makka.  Devout Muslims widely believe this story of Koran by their hearts. They also believe that like Mosque, the �Kaaba Sharif� the Allah�s house at Makka can never be destroyed by any human being.  The fact of the matter is, in the �80s, Iranian shiite Muslims blasted bombs at the heart of  Kaaba Sharif� damaging good part of the Kaaba building. This time, Allah did not come with His Ababil birds to destroy those bad Iranians, nor Allah�s might was able to make human made bomb inactive by His Kudrot (stratagem)! 

After America started theirs bombing in Afghanistan�almost all the pure Muslims of the whole world (not the rulers or the governments) started supporting Talibans in their holy struggle against America.  Readers saw those unlimited chanting with anti-American rhetoric of poisonous slogans and effigy burning festivals by Mullahs of Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other Muslim countries throughout the Muslim world.  My elder brother lives in Dhaka.  On our phone conversation during the middle of October, 2001, my brother told me that because of relentless chanting from the various mosques and religious congregation (called Waz-Mahfil) using ultra-high volume loudspeaker, it is quite impossible for the public to sleep in Dhaka city these days.  He further said, �We cannot sleep during the night for fanatic Mullahs. They are chanting that Allah will destroy American infidels by sending divine punishment through Ababil birds.�  My brother asked me if there was any Ababil birds arrived in Afghanistan soon.  What should I say? 

Tayab Agha the Taliban spokesman in the recent press report said: � Taliban will rise again. For the time being we will defend the present power we control, but when time comes, the responsibility of taking other provinces will lie on our shoulders. God will compel Talibans to fight until we are alive to secure our religion. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) faced the same temporary defeat, but Allah helped him to defeat the enemy of Allah. Our leader Mullah Omar was not referring to something to be done by weapons, but something from Allah�s side will come soon. We hope the Almighty Allah would break America and the other powers.�


 Ababils of Infidel America: 

We have learned from the world history that the name of the war game is weapon superiority, and of course, morale, unity, well training, etc., work as the additional strength of the force.  Most importantly, whoever possesses weapons superiority wins the battle for sure. We all know, today�s war absolutely depends on the Air power superiority.  Whoever has the superiority in air power wins the war.  Plain and simple.  This war equation in Afghanistan is 21st century air and space power of super power America combined with 16th century land forces of Northern alliance.  Us bombing totally broke the physiological barrier and morale of Talibans.  Many times, bombs were dropped from US planes (B-52 bombers) that were at such a high altitude that, they could be neither seen nor heard.  Suddenly the world around Taliban troops would begin to explode. As I can quote some from the surrendered Taliban soldiers� interview with the western reporters. One such Taliban described: �American attack upon us was from out of the blue.  Was it the bird of Ababil? You don�t hear anything, you don�t see anything, and all your best stuff blows up.  It�s like God did it to you�your trenches, your tanks just blow up, cloudy or not day or night.� 

Talibans are absolutely right!  The giant B-52s bombers� continuous pounding of Talibans positions broke the pride of Talibani Jihadi zeal, and relentless demolition of Taliban�s buildings, bunkers, and hideouts plummeted the Talibans morale.  The use of bunker-buster bombs, 15,000-pound Daisy-cutter bombs did the job.  The much-fabled Ababil birds did not arrive from Merciful Allah.  Instead, the real Ababils were coming from America�s mighty modern air force with their laser-guided missiles, and smart bombs, and 1000 lbs., or 1,500 lbs. bunker-buster and daisy-cutter bombs. The Talibans had no choice but to run like foxes (in Bengali- Urrdha Shasshe Dour) curling up their tails. 



As I alluded to earlier, war game is the game of weapons-superiority.  Historically, one civilization conquered another civilization mainly by their weapon-superiority.  The fact of the matter is, there was no divinity or divine intervention for anybody, or any nations who won the war over the other. It was the superiority of weapons coupled with National unity, good cause and inspirations among the worriers.  Islamic Prophet conquered disunited and demoralized pagans by the united Arab Bedouins with their strong fanatic religious zeal, and not because of any kind of divine intervention, so to speak.  It was the success of Arab imperialism sparked by the name of religion Islam.  Prophet Muhammad was clever enough to brainwash those half-civilized Arab Bedouins by luring them with worldly profit of booty (wealth�s, women, unlimited sex, etc) and, of course, with the heavenly pleasures of celestial Houries, unlimited sex, wine, honey and bird�s meat after death.  Coming of Ababil birds from heaven with stone was simply one of those Arab folklores conveniently used by the Prophet just to mesmerize Arab illiterate Bedouins. 

The problem however is our millions of close-minded Muslims who still like to have comfort believing such hoax of Islam. The demise of this incogitant Islamic myth is very urgent to protect our civilization from the false and illusionary religious zealotry of those mad fanatic Islamists. The sooner those Muslims get the education that these are merely myths and superstitions of Islam, the better off these hapless folks would in the long run.  The sixty-million-dollars question is�who is going to teach these mindless folks to come to their senses?  Any clues?  

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