�Ali's Rational Spirituality - Hope to the Hopeless

By Alamgir Hussain


I must agree here that after the 9-11 (2001), I was becoming more and more intrigued by my religion of Birth, Islam, and as I stumbled on to Faith Freedom International website of Ali Sina, I quickly realized why there are so many troubles with my long-revered religion. But as I was running away from Islam, I was also seeking an Alternative Avenue (Religion/Ideology) to looking forward to and just about that time, our dearest Ali Sina really brought "great hope" by presenting his new ideology: Rational Spirituality. I have found Ali to be a great rationalist � his FFI site is an outstanding testament of that, which helped me come out of the domain of Islam quickly. But I also felt a need to rest my hope on something which is rational, illuminating and self-improving. Else, I would feel a sense of helplessness and emptiness in my mind and soul. Ali displayed another outstanding testament of his great rationality by presenting his "Rational Spirituality", a great ideology for our modern time. This is just something I was looking forward to; immense thanks to Ali.


My own paranormal experiences

The skeptics may be barking aloud about the absence of paranormals but paranormals do keep showing glimpses all the time. It is not only Ali and his mom (for Paul's attention), I do have my own and more surefire experience of paranormal. Here is the story:

I appeared the English Proficiency Test (TOEFL) in 1995. Guess what? I saw a dream two nights before I was going to get the score-report � �I got a score of 557� (my English has always been poor). Next day when I was going for a roam with my friend and room-mate, I told him I saw in my dream that I have got a score of 557 in my TOEFL. The following day, when we went to school but my room-mate came back to room during lunch-time and he spotted the letter containing the score. He was curious because I had told him I about the score I saw in my dream and hence he couldn't hold his curiosity and opened the letter without my consent. And when he saw the score was exactly "557", he was so surprised that he concealed the letter so that he can give the message to me. Of course, when I came back to the hall in the evening and spotted him, he rushed over and told me "your score is here and you must guess how much it is." Of course, I could not give him a figure and when he revealed the score I was also astonished.

Now I draw attention of those skeptics who refuted Ali�s claim by arguing, "Ali's mom saw a giant and it was the maid who died - what nonsense?" But in case of my own paranormal experience, this is no such nonsense. My experience was precise and something I had shared with a friend and I could share that with any number of people. This is not simply my own experience but I did communicate it with another friend. How about this, my skeptic friends? So, here I make it clear: paranormals don�t just come to you as blur hints as claimed by Ali; they also come to you with absolute clarity.


Of course, I have experienced blur paranormals many a times like Ali�s own experiences of seeing a fire-ball in his sister�s room. Quite a few times, when I woke up from sleep all on a sudden and opened my eyes, I saw "flashes of light" which disappeared quickly - I couldn't see it many more. These are all my true experiences - believe me "no lies, no deception here."


And recently my Chinese friend explained another great example of paranormals. Who says, souls don�t exist? Her story is as follows:

In Chinese belief after people�s death, their souls live on and they do come to  visit the left-behind kins at specified time. One such visit will be on the 49th (?) day. And there is a clear testament of that. Chinese people will traditionally put rice in a pot with the surface leveled and leave it in an empty room. Then, every one must go to sleep. Next morning, they will see a mark of a hand on the surface of the rice which they believe was left by the soul that came to visit the left-behind family. When I asked if anyone ever kept a watch overnight to see anyone enter the room to leave that said mark, she quickly  retorted: no, you cannot keep a watch, everyone must sleep; if someone is awake, soul will not come, it will be scared away. When I asked how she came to know that the soul will not come when people are awake, she couldn�t answer. Still, souls do live on and keep coming back to visit left-behind family � this cannot be just lies. Not only that souls live on, they also leave hand-marks on a pot of rice, isn�t it a great thing.

Indeed, paranormals keep happening around all the time but those like Ali, Van Praagh et al. who are endowed with special power/curiosity/ability are the only ones able to notice or realize them. For example, although I myself had experienced the most-assuring paranormal but I couldn't realize it at the time � not until Ali�s latest revelation of his new-found Rational Spirituality. This is because I wasn't born with that special gift of the Almighty. Indeed, I even didn't have an idea about the concept of paranormals (not educated enough) - how could I ever know then I ever experienced it? In reality, most people around are probably insensitive or ignorant like me, not endowed with that special attentiveness to events and the skeptics are the most insensitive bunch around. They not only fail to notice/grasp all the paranormals happening around them - one cannot even convince them about these conspicuous events with most assuring experiences as Ali has already expounded in great details and with great patience. And surely, the skeptics will find an irrational way to rubbish my own true and bullet-proof experience of paranormals.


Why this religion?

I was born religious Muslim. There are so many things on earth that we cannot explain. And there is a strong point in the argument that this universe has to be created by someone. However we can now, with the greatly advanced rational thinking and science, easily rubbish all the age-old religions established in the distant past by inane and dogmatic believers who were uneducated and often brutal murderers like Prophets Moses and Muhammad. Of course, with the help of science, we can easily refute that Jesus was no angel, a Holy Ghost could not impregnate �mother Mary� to give birth to Jesus. So we need an educated, gifted and rational leader (prophet) who can lead us to the right path of salvation. Ali is an immensely gifted person; he is exposing the futility of the claimed-to-be truest religion Islam through his bullet-proof rational analysis like nobody else; he is a highly educated person (unlike illiterate bunch of Jesus, Moses and Muhammad) and he is a rationalist to the core - he definitely makes an ideal leader to lead the present-generation rationalist believers to true salvation. And with him have joined great psychic people like Van Praagh who has for long dedicated his life to building people's lives, bringing hope to the desperate and helpless. His stunningly humanist ideology has been clearly spelled out in his �legendary quote� in Larry King Live show:

"...we [psychics] are here to heal people and to help people grow...skeptics...they're just here to destroy people. They're not here to encourage people, to enlighten people. They're here to destroy people."
--James Van Praagh on "Larry King Live," March 6, 2001


Stunning, isn't it? Isn't right that the disgruntled and disillusioned people on this peace-less earth require people like Ali and Van Praagh et al. who only can bring hope to the hopeless whilst keeping them safe from the impious skeptics' influence? They are the ones to hold hopes to this "new world." We rational people must rally behind these angels to save this world (from skeptics) and help us achieve salvation and make our eternal afterlife secure.


Great Benefits to Mankind

Van Praagh, an illustrious leader in our new-found true religion, has already taken brave steps in building people's life, bringing hopes to the masses. We must extend this slogan further; we must win this battle against the skeptics to save this world. We must continue our sacred duty of building people's life and make every effort to save-guard the humanity from peril designed by the skeptics. We must strengthen our hands and advance our promise (Van Praagh's original one) as follows:

 "...we [psychics] are here to heal people and to help people grow... skeptics... they're just here to destroy people. They're not here to encourage people, to enlighten people. They're here to destroy people." ----> Oh like-minded rational people, who seek to save this world, who seek to secure this world for our children, for the future generations, join hands with us. We will defeat those evil skeptics - we need to save this world, we must deliver our duty, our promise. Come join hands and we will destroy them (enemy) and build a world of pure peace and purpose. We will secure our salvation and way to heaven."

Of course, this solemn call of our "new religion" has a stunning similarity with what Muhammad may have had pronounced to the people of MEKKA:


�Oh people of Mekka, I have received the true revelation for your salvation, your pagan kins are indulging in idolatry and destroying your hope, your future and your eternal afterlife. Islam is peace; join hands with me and we will destroy your pagan kins and neighbors to save this world. We must save our life, our hope, our future.�


Of course, such similarity has to be there. Indeed, all religions have such similarity. We cannot proof our claims of super-natural/paranormal contacts and experiences scientifically or in a credible way to the skeptics; there has to be certain element of belief in religions and there will always be skeptics unwilling to believe. Without defeating and/or destroying those skeptics, religions can not survive. Van Praagh's purported but abbreviated call of our New Religion is right on target. We must rally behind Ali and Van Praagh; we have to be prepared for a tough fight - else, your life will be destroyed, our hoped will be trampled.


Great rewards

We have already seen how one of the leading men of our religion is building people's life. We must also consider how much more we can achieve from our new religion. Consider Van Praagh is bringing messages to us from our ancestors. Fanatic skeptics may term those messages twaddles but they are helping build people�s life, bringing hopes to people. Van Praagh, applying his psychic power, is giving us messages like our souls live after death for sure; they also keep their religions there. There must be a lot of fighting going on between souls of different religions. This message can be very helpful to us as we leave this world, we can go there prepared - those who will be dying tomorrow as Muslims or Hindus can now go there with well-designed strategy so as to defeat the enemy souls in the battle there. Isn't it a great thing which our generation can already achieve from our "fledgling new religion?"


So it is obvious that our religion has already brought great benefits to people on earth. Those twaddles Van Praagh brings from our ancestors� souls are building people's life. What else, do you want? For example, souls of death kins leave hand-marks on the rice pots for the Chinese which bring hope to them, help build life for the Chinese. Isn�t this a great thing? More benefits come paranormal experiences like that of my own: I got to know my TOEFL score 2 days ahead of time - I needed not wait. Such things can do great service to people in building their lives - don't they? Just consider Ali's mom's experience: if given due importance, the unfortunate maid's life could have been saved. That could have been a great achievement for humanity - don't you think so? This could have been an excellent example of building people's life; saving people's future. The scope and prospect of Rational Spirituality is enormous.


A Few Loopholes

I must agree that in presenting his New Religion, Ali has already made a few mistakes. He says, �Paranormals give you hints only, not precise information when one is awake�. This assertion is thoroughly erroneous. For example, my getting to know the TOEFL score and Ali�s mom�s seeing a �giant falling� were experienced when we were sleeping, we were not at all awake. Also my TOEFL score was not at all a hint, it was precise information � I see the exact score in my dream. This cannot be any kind of hints. Hence, Ali must reconsider these points and correct his thesis. Of course, he is new in this business like other religion traders and some mistakes have to happen. We must understand this.


A few lies

Today, we know that all age-old religions brought by uneducated, schemy and often cruel people of the distant past are pure lies. We need a religion today, a rational one with no or less lies. We can recall �Remote Viewing� claim of our another illustrious comrade psychic McMoneagle about an American General�s capture by an Italian terrorist group. That�s another testament of how great benefits our New Religion can bring to mankind. Of course, 20 millions of dollars were later invested on McMoneagle�s �Remote Viewing� project with Zero outcome. McMoneagle must have attempted do �remote viewing� for thousands of times during that 10-year course of the project. That means those thousands of predictions of McMoneagle were pure lies, he lied knowingly. Of course, his claim of having psychic power was pure lies. So what? All religions are based on lies anyway. But McMoneagle was true at least once, out of his thousands of attempts. This is not a bad thing, not 100% lies on which other religions are based on. Van Praagh also probably lies like McMoneagle. He can only say how Larry King�s dad dies but wouldn�t say how my dad might have died. Of course, he lies. But all religions are pure lies. Our New Religions can�t just be free of this essential ingredient.


Must win this battle

My fellow friends, we must rally behind Ali and Van Praagh et al. to establish this fledgling religion firmly on earth. I am encouraged by a few converts already joining hands. We must win this battle against the skeptics who destroy people�s lives. Remind you- they never build lives; they only destroy. Think about this: the skeptics� camp dominated by the Scientists, Rational Humanists, leading Philosophers etc. have done nothing, absolutely nothing to build people�s lives. They have only brought about all scientific progress; they have contributed enormously for the comfortable, easy and just life in this world. Those are just material things � those contributions don�t build people�s life but instead destroy people�s life and destroys people�s hope. Of course, the skeptics never kill people in great numbers; still we must believe that they destroy people�s life. Although, we rational spiritualists just �do twaddles� by means of our new religion but they still build people�s life, bring hopes to people. One may wonder if we destroy the skeptics; who is going to keep the wheel of progress of human life rolling. I don�t think we have any problem there at all. Do we remember the fire-ball Ali witnesses in his sister bed room? Ali says that was clearly an intelligent being. It can be presumed that those intelligent beings may be huge gold-mine of genius and intelligence. Once we have established our new religions by destroying the skeptic scientists, philosophers etc., we can replace them with those intelligence beings and the progress of our Spiritual world can even move forward faster.


It is our sacred duty now to defeat those devious skeptics who are hell-bent on destroying people�s life and destroying this world. We must win this all-important battle to hold hopes to our future generations. In this battle, we must make strategic decisions to defeat the skeptics. We must bear in mind that the skeptics today are much more resilient, they are a lot better equipped with the advancement of science, philosophy and human development than they were at the time of Prophet Muhammad, Moses etc. and we must be prepared for more fierce battles than those fought by Muhammad & Moses during their times. In this battle against the skeptic nonbelievers, we will quickly get assistance from other religious groups such as Islam since skeptics are the common enemies to all believers of super-naturals/paranormals. Although believers of any other religions say Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc. are all be our ultimate enemies, we must not hesitate to ally with them to exterminate the common enemy, the skeptics. In this case, we can very successfully apply the very clever and crooked strategic decisions Prophet Muhammad made during his battle against the enemies of Islam.

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