Re:  - James Randi responds again to Ali Sina and Sina responds back.

By Paul Edwards

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> Likewise we may never be able to prove the existence > of the spiritual world. But it answers some questions. > In order to prove that such world does not exist, the > onus is on you.

Incorrect. You are making the claim that there is a spiritual world, or evidence of a spiritual world, so it is up to you to provide evidence of same.

No-one I know says that something like this cannot possibly exist, in fact, you are the first person I know who has ever BELIEVED that they can prove that no god/gods exist. Of course it is not possible to prove that, as I pointed out to you already, but you didn't understand the explanation I gave.

> To me the spiritual world is a theory. It is a plausible > and logical theory that answers many questions and > mysteries.

Perhaps you could give the top 10 "questions and mysteries" that are answered by the spirits, that don't have a much more mundane possible explanation.

> If you categorically deny this theory it is up to you to > prove this theory is not true.

No, the burden of proof is upon you.

> clock dial! Is that right?" The woman was standing, > mouth open, nodding vigorously. She was awe-struck, > and the applause was vigorous indeed. How was it > done? A lucky guess? No. Planning."


Did you actually bother to read the links I gave you? Even the one you quoted?

> Now, do you really think all your readers are gullible > and fool?

No, just the people who are inclined to believe Praagh talks to the dead.

> Let me tell you what is my educated guess of your story.

All 3 of your guesses were wrong.

If you'd bothered to read the link, you would have found out the answer. I only quoted the bit that was Praagh-like. The only bit I omitted was the same bit that Praagh omits, ie, the secret behind his TRICK.

> Let me remind you Mr. Randi that you contacted me first.

Misunderstanding. I contacted him and asked him to write a response to your article and send it to Avijit before your pseudo-rationalist article was published on a rationalist site unchallenged.

He did so.

I can see there is an R_Nelson who has adequately responded on your forums, there is no need to pester Randi any further.

As he said, his $1 million still stands. If you've got reproducible evidence of psychic ability, there's $1 million waiting for you.

The Ouija board would be the easiest way for you to get this $1 million for yourself. You are convinced that you can speak to the dead at will. Do that under controlled conditions, and you'll get the $1 million yourself. Imagine what you could do with $1 million. Please don't turn the money down. You've used the ouija board, you're convinced it works, go for it! Don't use some lame excuse about being "scared" to "talk to the dead". Praagh does it without fear, so can you! Or admit it's a load of bollocks, either is fine by me.

BFN. Paul.

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