Response to Ali Sina's second write-up 

By James Randi

E-mail: [email protected]


To Ali Sina:  You have responded to my rebuttal by repeating anecdotal accounts that you learned from a TV show.  The �remote viewer� McMoneagle has repeatedly refused to accept the challenge I have put forth, and I ask you to wonder why.  The only half-proper test that he ever did was on a TV show in Los Angeles, and that was a dismal failure.  We are prepared to test his claims, as soon as he will respond.  It�s been years now, and he has refused to do so. The fact that the US government spent $20 million over a ten-year period, means nothing � except that the money was wasted.  The CIA � by its own admission � got ZERO useful results from that project!  And, McMoneagle made scores of statements to them about the colonel who was being held prisoner, and then he chose ONE to hold up as an example of his accuracy.  THE OTHER GUESSES WERE EITHER WRONG, OR INSIGNIFICANT.  For example, he said that he �saw� newspapers written in a strange language he could not read.  Now, THERE�S a brilliant observation!

 Consider for a moment: do you seriously think that a TV program � such as the one you cited � would be at all successful if it produced evidence AGAINST the paranormal?

 Also, I�m surprised that you say you didn�t know until now the terms of the JREF challenge � which have been published all over the world in my books (in eleven languages, including Punjabi), in newspapers, on TV and radio� and for eight years now on our Internet web page!  More surprisingly, even after READING THE RULES, you write that you �have to say that the challenge is already met and the million dollars should have already been paid several times.� I clearly state there, that there has to be an application made, and a test arranged.  My exact words are that �Only an actual performance of the stated nature and scope, within the agreed-upon limits, will be accepted.  Anecdotal accounts of previous events are not accepted nor considered.� That is clear and concise.  Please, Ali Sina, read what has been known and understood by everyone else, for at least the eight years that this offer has been publicized.

I can only conclude that you have chosen to be willfully ignorant of these realities.  As a result, I cannot take further time from my busy schedule to respond to irresponsible comments.  I have put up a million dollars; what have you offered as a token of responsibility and good faith? 

James Randi

Mon, 8 Mar 2004

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