Three Years of Mukto-Mona



Three years of Mukto-Mona

Mukto-Mona forum started on May 25, 2001, but we could not launch our web-site ( ) until 2002. This 25th May marks our three year anniversary of our forum! 

At this important moment, we pause to thank our readers and supporters who have enabled Mukto-mona to survive, to grow, and to have its impact on contemporary life. It's been an amazing and memorable three years, and we're very very thankful to all of you ... our valued members, readers and supporters! Without you, we would not have made it this far. 

It will be nice to hear from our members about their cherished thoughts, impression, perception, expectation, insight, encouragement, disappointment, disagreement, discontent,... everything about MM on this very important day!

Mukto-Mona Moderators.


Members' comment :

From:  Shahadat Hossain
Date:  Thu May 27, 2004  8:05 am
Subject:  3 years of Mukto-Mona


3 years of Mukto-Mona


Most of the vicinities of our universe are darkened with blind beliefs, custom, and dogmas. Many of our fellows have been gathering knowledge and becoming technocrat in their respective disciplines of knowledge, but the blind beliefs rooted inside their minds during childhood planted by the families and societies do not encounter the challenge of scientific knowledge they already acquired. Thus the universe is producing so many doctorates and scientists but not enlighten genius. Very few of our learned guys dared to revolutionize the societies by replacing the dogmas with scientific facts. Therefore, the dark has been so immense but the lights at our grasp are too dim to illuminate the glooms to a significant extent.  

Fortunately, some adventurous minds are coming forward to unleash the facts beneath the dogmas. They are exerting so much effort to drive away the rubbishes inherited from the primitive societies and that have been passionately nurtured by our modern societies being actuated by greed and fears. They are trying to emancipate us from the bondages that are largely fabricated by the religions.  

Mukto-Mona is definitely one of the remarkable forums that are contributing to casting lights in the darkness to illuminate the people for being free from all sorts of blind beliefs and thus to be humanists in its true sense.  

Manobatar kollan houk  



From:  "Dr. Alamgir Hussain"
Date:  Tue May 25, 2004  7:56 pm
Subject:  Happy Birth Day "Mukto-Mona"!

Today is 26th May & a very happy "Birth Day" to Mukto-Mona. Mukto-Mona has been
a "sea-change" experience for me and I am extremely proud of that change. 
Mukto-Mona has been the torch-bearer along the path of my becoming that truly
humane and free human being. I believe Mukto-Mona will continue to guide people
along that path - a path that is universally desirable, yet most  intensely masked and
obstructed. It's a deep & dense jungle to shove through - Mukto-Mona make that
journey easy for you.

I feel very grateful & indebted - thanks to MM, her management and the contributors.
You contribution to human society is immeasurable.

Let the "Champagne" flow on this very auspicious day. Cheers..

- Alamgir.

Long Live Humanism
Manobotar Joy Hoak.

From:  "Jahed Ahmed"
Date:  Wed May 26, 2004  8:15 am
Subject:  Greetings on 3rd Birth Anniversary & a request to moderator!!

On it's 3rd birth anniversary, it's a great previlege to greet all the founding members/founding moderator Avijit Roy/subsequent moderators Dr. Alamgir, Rahul Gupta (also current moderator) /writers/readers and other members for their love, enthusiasm and support for a benevolent mission!!

love & rerason,

Jahed Ahmed

Proud to be a founding member,


From:  "Mohammad Asghar"
Date:  Mon May 24, 2004  9:23 am
Subject:  Re: Three years of Mukto-Mona forum

Dear Moderator,
I heartily congratulate Mukto-mona for completing three years of its existence. I also congratulate its management for all it did for presenting to the world community of Freethinkers a Forum through which they have been expressing their thoughts and ideas without constraints and fear.
A Forum, like MM, can play a pivotal role in changing the face of our earth, which remains divided, in various parts, on account of political, religious, economic and perceptional considerations. All the forces that have been making the existence of human lives difficult need to be educated and reconciled and then brought together, so far as possible, for the good of us as well of our posterity.
I am aware that the well being of mankind is MM's main agenda. I am also aware that its management has been spending a lot of its time and energy on harmonizing, and harnessing, where it is possible, the productive views of its members. To me, these are very good steps and I suggest that MM should continue doing what it has been doing from the time it was established to help us, the Freethinkers, come together.
I wish MM and its management all success now and in future.
Best regards,
Mohammad Asghar

From:  "Joanna Kirkpatrick"
Date:  Sun May 23, 2004  9:06 am
Subject:  Re: Three years of Mukto-Mona forum

Dear M-M moderators,
I find MM email most interesting at times and an important source for secular points of view on South Asia and its cultures. However, I do deplore that you publish mail that includes the use of words like the f--- word, e.g.  This is just not necessary. Just refuse to print anything that uses crude language. If the author will re-write it and clean it up, fine.

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