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Save the Minorities from peril and let live with equal rights.  


To:  The Prime Ministers of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh 

Your Excellencies, 

With due respect We, the people of south Asian origin, beg to state that how much we appreciate your Excellencies for taking appropriate political as well diplomatic measures to reduce tension in South Asia. We also like to see that your governments take initiative to resume bilateral or multilateral if needed be talks on all disputed matters. We also feel encouraged to see that India and Pakistan are showing some signs of taking some positive steps, a significant step being taken to establish full diplomatic relation at the High Commissioner level. We want to see similar positive initiatives taken between Bangladesh & India on all issues including migration of minorities to India and their safe return to their home country, and between Bangladesh & Pakistan on all pending issues including expatriation of Pakistani nationals, sharing of assets of united Pakistan, trial of war criminals of �71 and related issues.   

We hereby request you all to take action in your respective countries against the groups professing hatred towards minorities. Such actions given the fragile nature of inter communal relations can very easily inflame the region. In India, distribution of trishuls (tridents) etc. by some socio-politico-religious organizations and indulging in verbal terrorism and communalism, are terrifying all non-Hindu religious communities including Christians and Muslims. 

In Pakistan, Muslim fundamentalist groups have been responsible for attacks on Christians, Shias, Hindus and Ahmedias living in Pakistan, and creating atmosphere of terrorism and tension in Kashmir on both sides of international line of control. Blasphemy law now operating in this country has always been an instrument of persecution against non-Sunni religious sects within the fold of Islam, followers of other religions, and secular liberals and atheists.      

In Bangladesh minorities continue to face persecution, harassment and terror by Islamic fundamentalist groups and politically motivated criminal elements. Existence of armed Islamic organizations under different names and fundamental Islamic Political Parties has always been a threat to minorities living here. Continued migration of minority population to neighbouring country and alarming decline of Hindu minority population since 1947, forcible eviction of Adibasis and Tribal people from their abodes, thereby destabilizing the population ratio in those localities, and significant increase of religion based educational institutions constitute threat to minorities and a menace to much wanted communal harmony. 

We sincerely hope that future will hold bright prospects for our people in this region and they will prosper in an atmosphere of peace and communal harmony provided governments of your Excellencies take the following basic steps immediately to safeguard the rights of minorities: 

  • Take appropriate measures to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony so that minorities feel safe and reassured.
  • Make appropriate constitutional amendments on the basis of liberal secular democracy and philosophy of pluralism to accommodate fundamental human rights as envisaged in human rights declaration and to abolish any discrimination against religious, ethnic, linguistic or cultural minorities in your population.  
  • Take administrative, judicial and political measures against violation of human rights and rights of minorities, and to ensure safety of the weaker sections of your population including minorities.
  • Take initiative to form a truly independent and effective Human Rights Commission (if not already formed), and a truly independent judiciary system that will protect the rights and privilege of each and every citizen from the tyrannical weapons of state machinery.
  • Repeal all discriminatory laws and acts including Blasphemy law (operating in Pakistan. & Fundamentalists demanding in Bangladesh).
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure that Parliament, Judiciary and Executives can work in unison to protect human rights and rights of the minorities.


Urgent action on the part of your Excellencies� governments will lead to mutual reconciliation in keeping with our countries old pluralistic tradition and culture- �Unity in Diversity�. 


The Undersigned


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