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Disclaimer: The following are links to other sites which might be useful. We may not necessarily agree with all their content. 

More related links: This site explores the creation/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective This website presents a collection of articles which aim to defend genuine science from numerous attempts by the new crop of creationists to replace it with theistic pseudo-science under various disguises and names. For teachers at all grade and experience levels teach evolution. Created by the University of California Museum of Paleontology. physicist Victor J. Stenger  argues persuasively in his site against claims that science has found evidence for God or cosmic purpose and boldly arguing that science provides strong grounds for atheism. Prabir Ghosh is the 59-year-old chief of The Science and Rationalists' Association of India and the scourge of every guru, godman, fakir, faith-healer and fat swami for a hundred miles of his home in Calcutta. A Christian but a very  comprehensive sites on the web.   Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation's site and critical to Islam from feminist point of view.
Freethoughtmecca A satirical site on Islam.
Denis Giron  Giron is a freethinker and writes very well. His articles include science and Islam, Muhmmad's idea of hell, etc.
Taslima Nasrin's page Another apostate carrying a death sentence for standing for women's rights in her homeland Bangladesh. 
Jehad By famous Muslim apostate, Anwar Shaikh
Thinker's World  By Mughal, one of our Mukto-mona member Human rights organization working for the uplift of the Dalits, the black Untouchables of India. Worldwide campaigning movement offering yearly reports and articles on human rights and racial discrimination. ShabdaGuchcha : bilingual poetry magazine in Bangla Muktochinta, a Freethinking, Nonprofit and Educational Discussion Forum. An online petition to oppose Political Islam, its agenda, and its barbaric interpretation of Sharia law. An Online magazine with news and commentary on politics, culture, and spirituality from a progressive Muslim perspective.  Professor Ali's approach to reform Islam Bangladesh and World news site by a free-lance journalist A freethinkers' site maintained by Pinaki Gosh, son of Prabir Gosh Official site of Richard Dawkins, the famous British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and outspoken atheist.


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