Rationalist Day, 2004

Celebrate 1st March as a Rationalist Day: A call to
 M-M members

Easter Friday/Shiva Ratree/Eid e Miladunnobi/Boudho Purnima and so on. And there is nothing wrong with it since Mukto-mona (M-M) stands for such ideals as religious tolerance, equal rights including one�s right to celebrate an event according to one�s own traditions and heritage. Why can�t then we, the people such as secular humanists, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers and of other non-religious origin have one? Here it is:  


Pic: Science and Rationalists' Association of India are in cultural activities in last year Rationalist Day.


After exchanging opinions with few more like-minded organizations, M-M, for the first time in its history, has decided to celebrate 1st March as a Rationalist Day. Let�s mark the event together! It may be mentioned that our fellow-friends in India have been celebrating such a day for quite some time. This is going to be the day when  our flame of love, reason and understanding will be rejuvenated, possibly with a small pause to reflect on our past history, achievements if any,  and what role each of us could play in coming days in order to make our planet a better and a safer place for people of all backgrounds. As it goes without saying, M-M  could not have become what it is today without active participations, cooperation of its  members who have been known as unique in their own ways  both at home and abroad. Saying so is more than just any self-complacency. Yes, we�re proud of our members!     




History reveals that the consequences of blind  beliefs have created mental barriers to  understanding and has caused ignorance, misery,  violence and war. To eradicate superstition and  blind faith, which include religious fanaticism,  jihad, astrology , caste-system, spiritualism and  numerous other obscurantist beliefs, we feel that  the need to intensify the Rationalist movement is  over-increasing all over the world. Mukto-Mona, an assembly of freethinkers mostly from Bangalee descent in the Internet have decided to celebrate "Rationalist Day" for the first time in its history after exchanging opinions with few more like-minded organizations..



Dear friends, from you all, we would like to invite write-ups of progressive origin i.e. those ones that speak for M-M ideals and heritage. Apart from highlighting past and present history of   rationalists� movements worldwide, we, particularly, would like to urge you to focus on rationalist stance and ideals manifested by famous intellectuals/scientists/philosophers of South Asian origin. It would be an added bonus if your write-ups were to concentrate on rationalists of Bengali origin and their achievements in an inspirational tone in Bangla. To name just a few, Ram Mohan Roy, Iswar Chandra Bidyasagor, Begum Rokeya, Ahmad Shariff, Aroj Ali Matubbor, Begum Sofia Kamal  belong to such category within recent past history of India and Bangladesh . Write on, about them and beyond!

 All such write-ups would be posted at M-M website and Forum on 1st March, the big day we�re looking forward to! Later, selected articles/essays/stories would be published as a book through M-M�s own publishing, a project currently under reviews by M-M executive committee.  

Wish you love, reason and understandings,

Jahed Ahmed

on behalf of M-M




Call For Articles on the occasion of  Rationalist Day (1st March) by Avijit Roy [Bangla]  


Please send your article at:
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