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Avijit Roy's New Book
Alo Hate Choliyache A(n)dharer Jatri
is Available now


Some parts of the book was published previously in some online site including Mukto-Mona  as well as some printed Magazines such as Bichitra, Bhorer Kagoj and Porshi

Read few chapters online...

Book Review:

To the students of Science, Newton, Einstein, Darwin, and Stephen Hawking, etc, are very familiar names. To many others, however, they may appear like some inhabitants of an abstract world. Many even educated people think- understanding Einstein's, or Darwin's works require higher training in Science, or special technical knowledge of Physics and Biology. This is simply not true- at least not so, when I read Avijit Roy's lately published lucidly written and well-illustrated Bangla book titled "Alo Hate Choliyachhe A(n)dharer Jatree" on the history of our cosmos. Roy, in this book, has disentangled science from jargon and mere theory. He has made it a luring tale of facts. Any reader of this book, I'm sure, would feel like walking with those great minds whose valuable contributions and painstaking efforts have made our lives so much comfortable and blessed than our previous generations'. Reading Roy's book will only pave the way to our easy understandings of science and scientists. Only then shall we realize-- science's history is our own history, and scientists are our own people. Congratulations to Avijit Roy for a job so well-done, and I wish a happy readings to all readers!!  --- Jahed Ahmed

I have read the Internet version of this book [online]. It was an excellent composition that unmistably demonstrates Avijit's uncanny talent to write in superb Bengali. I seldom read a book that describes complex scientific theories (like Einstein's relativity and Time dilation) in such a simple and easily understood language. Even a high school student will comprehend these extremely complicated scientific theories. It is writer's simplicity that makes this book a remarkable addition to the literature of 'Bengali Science' Books. This book should be a high school text book in BD. ---Abul Kasem

I have read the internet version of the book and without reservation I can say it is the finest book in Bangla about the history of the universe so far. I am sure it will meet the long felt need of such a book in Bangla for the young generation. The style is lucid and the diagrams are excellent. Let this book inspire our young readers to pursue science and rational thinking. ---Aparthib

After lots of effort and running around Mukto-Mona (MM)'s first book is out in the market. I read the book; it fills the vacuum in BD of scientific information written in lucid captivating language. After all, this is MM is what about, rational information and analyses based on scientific information. Thanks Avijit Roy. I also congratulate every body involved with this great forum of diverse thinkers. I specially congratulate those who plied the boat of the dream through lots of turmoil and adversities. Let us not forget this is just the beginning; we have to continue fulfilling our dream of leaving a positive permanent impact on our nation�s new progeny. It is possible; we are enough able to do it. I take this opportunity to request other forums to produce their own classics. All of us thought a lot, talked more, wrote even more, - now is time to take it beyond. Dream, - the supreme of life�s driving forces. What is our next one?   ---fatemolla

Congratulation Avijit for "Alo Hate choliachey Adharer Jaatree".

Scientific literature, that's too popular science literature in Bengali for the common people with or without science background (as well as for kids) is a monumental achievement. Incidentally from Tagore to Meghnad Saha, many noted scientists from Bengal tried to popularize science among the common people and school kids so that they see 'true' light and liberation of their mind.

In my childhood, we used to have couple of monthly magazine in popular science for the teens. One of them, I still remember, 'Kishor GyanBigyan'. Some of the writers in those days included Prof Surjendu Bikash Karmahapatra, a noted nuclear physicist in Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Samarjit Kar etc. I used to finish the magazine on the first day of its arrival!

Today's children are so much glued to TV, they do not read much literature, outside their curriculum. That's why it will be a good idea to include such books in the schools (and colleges) as rapid reader. It's a true classic for the common folks who do not have any science background. The children will also get benefited from the book. It's a true classic for the common folks who do not have any science background. The children will also get benefited from the book.

However, I read those articles when it was published in MM. To the best of my memory, I may not agree with him on the accuracy of some of the explanation but it does not matter, because Avijit achieved the most important thing in teaching physics..induction of imagination to the kids. To them, Newton's law should not read just as force=mass x acceleration. The day they understand its limitation of experimental validation in a moving frame, they receive true enlightment. 

There lies the success of the book.

Also, it is a tough job to complete a book while carrying out a thesis work. People who have gone through the phase, would understand the merit of Avijit's achievement.

---Dr. Biplab Pal


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