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This section has been created  mainly for South Asian freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, humanists, rationalists and even religious people—anyone who are concerned with current events that affect religious civil liberties and freedom of conscience. We felt the necessity,  as until now, the humanist movement has never made sufficient effort to give information, support or encouragement to the secular family from other south Asian e-forums. We will  always try to publish  interesting, humorous, or entertaining stories impinging upon secularism and/or religion, and stories which, broadly speaking, will illustrate trends within religious belief and practice worldwide, and/or stories about personalities associated with secularism and world-wide freethought movements and related communities. 

It is, however, not a warehouse for every "major" news headlines. Only those stories which are regarded as relevant to freethinkers will be included in this section. Also, in this section very little content will be taken from our own site — most often, we will provide links to news stories from other online newspapers and publish off-site articles. Mukto-mona will  not be  responsible for the content of articles that has been linked. We will certainly make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the news that will be posted in our site, but there are always some  limitations and might have also some possibility  to have wrong information in the original sources. Apology in advance if any of such situation arises in future. 




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