Guidelines for Submission of Articles/Messages

  • 1. An article, originally submitted at FORUM, if considered scholarly and consistent with MM ideals and policy by the moderator, would be posted at MM main page. However, submission of any articles/messages at forum does not automatically qualify them to be posted at the main page.

  • 2. We reserve the right to edit or not to post messages that are abusive, hateful, off-topic, duplicate and insulting to a race, nation or person.

  • 3. The writers are strongly encouraged to acknowledge the original sources of any citations/excerpts contained in their articles. Article without the acknowledgement of citations may not be accepted.

  • 4. We would try to post not more than 15 messages per day in the forum. Messages may be rejected at the discretion of the moderators. Considering the large number of emails we receive from you at times, we may not be able to post each and every message or to explain to the members the reasons for rejecting each message. In that case we would just pick and choose the messages we consider most relevant to the scenario at that time. We hope that the members would not take this issue negatively.

  • 5. A message has to be at least more than three sentences to be eligible for posting in the forum.

  • 6. Views expressed in a message/articles are those of the authors, and MM does not necessarily always endorse them

  • 7. Any form of religious preaching will not be posted.

  • 8. Personal attacks are strongly discouraged. A message may be rejected on the ground of personal attack.

  • 9. We reserve the right to close a thread if a debate/discussion gets unnecessarily lengthy or turns into personal attacks.

  • 10. We may not post a message that humiliates/offends a struggle of the oppressed.

  • 11. A new member requires to submit his/her full name for posting a message. If any of you prefers to have a pen name, please write to the moderator and your original name will not be published in the forum. We suggest not to choose a pen name that is offensive to any race, religion or person.

  • 12. If a member writes abusive email to another member based on the discussion in our forum, or continue to propagate his/her vulgar/racist comment in forum moderator might cancel his/her membership.

  • 13. Messages forwarded from other forums will be posted only after removing references to those forums. Members are encouraged to forward original articles, not messages posted in other forums. MM may also not publish messages written primarily in response to articles posted in other forum(s).

  • 14. Any Bangla post written in Roman/English script will NOT be approved. Bangla articles or messages have to be written in Bangla software. There are plenty free downloadable versions of Bangla software out there, such as, Bornosoft ( Members are requested to write their articles using Bangla SW, otherwise they will be rejected/deleted without any notification.



Privacy Policy

Mukto-Mona takes a writer or benefactor’s privacy very seriously.  To this effect, we will strictly abide by the following rules:

  1. If any writer does not want to reveal his or her e-mail address for privacy or any other reason, we will post the article written by that author without publishing the e-mail address.

  2. Mukto-Mona does not make an effort to make or compile a mailing list.  The Yahoo e-groups under which the forum maintains a membership list with e-mail address of the members.  The moderators or any member of the advisory board do not share, exchange, sell, or distribute the list of members, benefactors, etc., with anyone or any other organization.  The confidentiality of our membership list and members is closely guarded by Mukto-Mona. 

  3. We guarantee our members and benefactors unequivocally that your privacy will be maintained through and through.  The e-mail address posted next to one’s name in e-forum is being done by Yahoo and not by us.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, then please let us know that by all means.  The moderator will act accordingly; your e-mail address will not be shown in the message board.      



Copyrights Policy

All original articles contained in are the copyrighted property of the Mukto-mona with the exception to those articles for which permission has been taken either from the author, or the website that has published the article. Unless a writer has sent a copy of his/her original article himself, or herself to a website, or forum other than Mukto-mona (MM), publishing unauthorized version of any Mukto-mona article would be considered a gross infringement of the copyrights law and therefore, an unlawful act.

Any one interested to republish/reproduce an original MM article is urged to write to the writer directly, and inform the MM moderator(s) in this regard. At the same time, writers are requested to notify Mukto-Mona of any/all unauthorized postings of their articles in other websites.

Your cooperation in this regard to preserve the intellectual copyright of an author is solicited.