Flood Rehabilitation Project to Rebuild a School in Kurigram


Bangladesh was once again submerged under water during 2004 flood season. This was one of the most devastating floods Bangladeshi people encountered in last decade. Mukto Mona took a small but valuable initiative to collect

donation for flood affected people in Bangladesh. We collected 2, 34,205.86 taka or S$ 6836.00.  through personal donations of our members and well-wishers. After initial surveys performed by Dr. Ajoy Roy and his team in North Bengal area, Mukto-Mona advisory board decided to spend the money in after flood rehabilitation program to reconstruct a school in Roumari, a remote village in Kurigram.... (more)



Fund Raising for Shahriar Kabir & Secular Activists

Mukto-Mona is very happy to let you know that we had a very successful fund raising campaign for Bangladeshi secular author and human rights activist Mr. Shahriar Kabir and his associates, who had been seriously injured in a road accident which took place on last November 11, 2004. We appreciate your generous monetary contributions to the fund. Please see the list of contributors below. With your contribution, so far we have been able to raise.  (more)



Azad Memorial Fund

On MM member's request Mrs. Azad (Latifa Khanam), wife of late Dr. Azad - our beloved Mukto-Mona member, and their elder daughter Mouli agreed to accept a sum as a donation from MM to the ‘Azad Memorial Fund’, which the family would be raising to keep alive the name of Dr. Humayun Azad, e.g. setting up a library in

his village home, a desire of late Humaun Azad and a scholarship in his name for meritorious and poor students. These are just some proposals with many others came up during the discourse....  (more)





'Free Dr.Younus Shaikh' Campaign

Dr. Younus Shaikh

We feel great relief about the outcome and satisfaction about the fact that the MM's campaign with the worldwide humanists, rationalists, freethinkers for the rescue of Dr. Shaikh has finally been successful.

Among many forces inside and outside Pakistan, friends and associates, Mukto-Mona has vigorously contributed to this outcome.   (more)





 Campaign to Bring ‘Bangla Bhai’ to justice

We the free spirit, secularists, and humanists Bangalees and other South Asians who belong to Mukto-mona ( www.mukto-mona.com ), a cyber forum that promotes secular humanism throughout the world, are unified to bring before you the news of an ominous development in Bangladesh.

These are facts that we culled from the newspapers published from Bangladesh in recent weeks: For the last several months (March through May 2004) a group of Muslim extremists by the name Jagrata Muslim Janata    (more)





On River Interlinking Project

Mukto-Mona, an assembly of freethinkers and humanists mostly from Bengali descent in the Internet, voices up apprehension on the conception of River Interlinking Project as envisaged by Indian Water Development Agency. With the implementation of such project, which requires the withdrawal of water from their natural courses and common rivers, we believe that it would greatly harm not only the delicate ecology of Bangladesh (as well as neighboring Indian states such as West Bengal, Assam etc.) but also its economy and put millions of people’s life at risk....  (more)




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