...   We are dedicating our Rationalist Day Celebration to Dr. Humayun Azad... ... 

Rationalist Day: 1st March, 2004

We seek to express our sincere thanks to all Mukto-monas, especially the contributors for supporting our effort to make our first call to celebrate 1st March as the Rationalist Day. 

Our observing the Rationalist Day, however, comes at a tragic moment when one of our illustrious comrades, Dr. Humayun Azad, is fighting for life in hospital for reasons no other than the very evil we rationalist freethinkers are fighting against. We wish Dr. Azad, the renowned rationalist of Bangladesh, recovers soon completely and let us join hands with him to fight the cause of human-kind. Thanking you all again.

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Greeting Messages and encouraging comments from prominent personalities and readers

Dr. Alamgir Hussain's review on Rationalist Day celebration


English Articles:

Rationalism - It's Meaning and Implications by Aparthib

Rationalism : A Weapon of Mass Construction by Imran Hossain

Islamic Mysticism and an Overview of World Religions. By Afroza Begum

The Day of the Rationalists by Abul Kasem

Beyond Belief and ... Reason ... by Audrey Manning


The God of Falling Bodies by Victor J. Stenger 

Questioning Truth and Reality by Victor J. Stenger

Evolution of Darwin's Evolution Theory- Challenged and Re-established by Rafida Ahmed Bonna

Thoughts V- Mental colonization by Mondar M. M. A. NOVO 

Perspectives on the War on Terror - A Rational Analysis by Paul Edwards

The Sacrificial Cow by Mondar M. M. A. NOVO

Rationalist Quotes Sampler M. M. A. NOVO

Aroj Ali Matubbar- Rationalist Philosopher of Rural BD By Ajoy Roy


Debate on Rationalism:

 What it Takes to be a Rationalist by Ali Sina 

Response to Ali Sina by James Randi

Response to Ali Sina by Brent Meeker 

Response to Ali Sina by Aparthib Zaman 

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Bangla Article:



Collected by Khairul Habib



Collected by Jahed Ahmed


Collected by Jahed Ahmed


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