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Do Only Humans Love Their Children? Jan 19, 2006

Islam is not a religion of peace

The Spendthrift Bangladeshis

Sri Lanka, Tsunami and the mystery of God.- A response to Farida Majid

How far should liberal societies tolerate the intolerant?

Muslims are the protectors of the Jews

Three years of Mukto-Mona forum

Islam Cannot Be Reformed

NFB: Mohammad Asghar responds to Mr. Larry Chowdhury

Re: Nothing will hold us back-Pledges Bush in his Acceptance Speech

Democracy is an Alien Concept for Islam [ Part I ]

How Bangladesh can overcome one of her major problem?

What India is supposed to gain by being anti-Bangladesh?

Bangladesh - A Habitat of Strange People [Part-1  Part-2  Part-3]

Muhammad & Islam - Stories not told before  2. Response to Dr. Habib Siddiqui's rejoinder

A short History of Religion [ Part-1  Part-2  Part-3  Part-4 ]

Cleanliness vs. Purification

Why Osama Still Remains At Large?

RE- A Gentleman Lost His Gentility

Bangladesh- Insanity and Dowry System

Who Has More Power? Man or God?

Some Inner Thoughts

Dr. Mahathir's Speech- An Analysis

1. [Article] Potpouri  2.  Potpouri - 2 

1. Humanity Abused!  2. Re: Humanity Abused! 

1. Re: Human Brains & Religions-2 2. Re: Human Braind And Religions-2 3. Re: Human Brains & Religions

Myth of world domination 

Bangladesh as seen by Awami League

1. Re: In the name of law (or for the cause of Islam?) 2. Re: In the name of law (or for the cause of Islam) 3. Re: In the name of law ( or in the cause of Islam)

1. What helped Muhammad in establishing Islam 2. Re: What helped Muhammad in establishing Islam 

Gist of a (futile) argument 

Muslims: Their past, present and future 

Rebutting Mr. Hasan

Jihad is an integral part of Islam  2004/03/16 

Muslim Milad: It is an un-Islamic ritual 

Re: Free thinkers regularly silenced in Bangladesh 

Mohammad Asghar vs. A Muslim Apologist

Saddam and a Rat!! 2003/12/16

Muslims Are Responsible For Their Plight  Aug, 23, 2003

Why Are So Many Women Converting To Islam? Mohammad Asghar rebuts Diana August Aug, 16, 2003

Quran is responsible for Iraq's destruction: May, 1, 2003

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