Islam Cannot Be Reformed


This short write up is in reference to Dr. Ali Sina�s article, titled "Eradication, not Reformation" which appeared in Faith Freedom International and Mukto-mona. In it, he wrote: "Islam cannot be reformed, but it can be eradicated. If we work together, we will succeed."

 I fully endorse Dr. Sina�s observations and assert that Islam cannot be reformed for so long as the Quran would remain its guiding light. All the problems Muslims face and create for others today emanate from this caricature of all books; it is filled up not only with a lot of hatred, it is also a compilation that contains almost all the inanities a human can think of.

In this connection, it would be relevant to point out here that people did indeed try to reform Islam in the past, but they failed. This failure resulted from the Muslims� unshakeable faith and belief in the Quran. Let me quote here one well known fact:


Emperor Akbar was one of the most powerful rulers of pre-British India. He tried his best to unite the Hindu and Muslim population of his empire under one religious umbrella. To make his efforts successful, he did everything possible, including taking over 5,000 wives from different societies of the country.


Knowing that his subjects needed a religion in order to fulfill their religious longings, Emperor founded a new religion, he called "Deen-e-Akbari," the Religion of Akbar. In it he combined all the humane and essential elements of Hinduism and Islam.


It was a very good move on Akbar�s part, for, people�s acceptance of it would have eliminated the need of Greta for the Hindus, and of the Quran for the Muslims. But his plan did not work, as both the religious groups of India refused to accept the doctrines he propounded through his religion.


Muslims were in the forefront of the movement that opposed "Deen-e-Akbari," as they knew the acceptance by them of this religion would have taken away the Quran, their Holy Book, from their lives. This they could not have done, even if their opposition to it was to cost them their lives. In the face of stiff opposition, Akbar gave up, and his effort to reform Islam, together with Hinduism, died in its cradle.


When an Emperor, like Akbar, having immense power and support of his imperial machineries at his disposal, did not succeed in reforming Islam, who else can afford to do it now and in future?


None. Islam would continue to maintain its ugly presence on earth, as it does today. If we want to save humanity from its baneful effect, the only thing we can do would be to eliminate the source of its strength. And the source is the Quran. It is evil; it teaches evil and it wants its believers to become evil.


Let us fight against this evil. In its elimination lies the well-being of mankind. Nothing short of it is going to make our world safe. So, let all the former Muslims and sensible Muslims and non-Muslims unite, and launch our united and concerted efforts against this monster. I hope we would prevail over it at the end, thus ushering in a new era in the lives of the world�s entire mankind.


Only the elimination of the Quran can change a sea of humanity, we call Muslims. Only their transformation from Islamism to humanism would make our world safe. Let us do it unitedly by unveiling the real face of Islam so that all Muslims can see for themselves its ugliness, a truth that has been beguiling them for almost fourteen hundred years.


Our future generations would thank us for our efforts and sacrifices. All of us will die one day. So why not fight the evil that turns humans into beasts, and leave our mark for our future generations to remember it with pride?


September 10, 2004

Mohammad Asghar writes from USA. 



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