Muslims are the protectors of the Jews


I am highly impressed by Mr. Larry Chowdhury�s forceful response, which he posted on News from Bangladesh in rebuttal to Mr. Jamal Hasan�s contention on the Jews� relationship with the Muslims and the latter�s patronage of them in their hard time and difficulties. Agreeing with all he stated in his response, I felt I should add the following to his stated position so that the issues he discussed became clearer. 

I begin with Mr. Chowdhury�s last comment that reads as follows: �If Mr. Jamal Hasan explains his sources of information, then the global cyber world readers will be benefited.� 

I do not know how Mr. Hasan is going to respond to Mr. Chowdhury�s demand, but I am sure that any credible source of information he gives is not likely to match the latter�s eye-witness like account of the historical events. Mr. Chowdhury�s narration of the events that took place, among others, in 7th and 711 A.D. revives them in the readers� mind. They can visualize from his narration what must have happened in those distant centuries without ever raising their eyebrows. Mr. Chowdhury is highly very credible; hence there is no need for him to produce his source of information for others to verify its authenticity. 

Mr. Chowdhury stated: �Once upon a time in the history of mankind, Jews and Muslims worked together to achieve common goals. They dominated the intellectual arena for centuries.�  

Mr. Chowdhury has missed to add the following to his above remark: Seeing the intellectual abilities of the Muslims, the Jews joined them to sharpen their own innate abilities. This partnership helped the Muslims to change the social, educational and scientific milieus of the countries they invaded and ruled.  

Since Muslims were more enlightened and civilized then the Jews, the former led the latter not only in the matter of civility and social reforms; they also left them behind in the matter of science and inventions. Unfortunately, the Jews do not admit this fact today; instead they take credit for all the inventions they have made so far by violating the patent rights Muslims have over their inventions.

 Referring to Tariq Berber�s conquest of Andalusia, Mr. Chowdhury stated: �Eventually minority Muslims took over the administrative radar from the Visigoth rulers of the Spanish-Franco territories with the help of the Jews. The Visigoth rulers were merciless to the Jews and they were driving them out of that land in addition to the killing process. Muslims appeared there as a savior for the Jews.�

 Mr. Chowdhury has clearly established the fact that had not the Muslims taken over the rule and administration of the Spanish-Franco territories, their Jewish population would almost surely have become extinct in the hands of their Christian enemies. This also proves that the Muslims had always protected the Jews. They even risked their lives to save them from Hitler�s concentration camps. Had the Muslims not come forward to save the Jews from the gallows of the Christians, there would have remained not a single Jew in the Christian world to come and settle down in Palestine.

 Unfortunately, the Jews have forgotten their past and are now playing havoc with the life and property of the Muslims. But �ungratefulness� is what forms the Jews� character. This they displayed in the time of the Prophet Muhammad; they are displaying it even today

by ejecting their patrons from their own land.


In connection with the presence of the Jews in India, Mr. Chowdhury stated: �Thus, Kerala has the highest concentration of the Jews in India.�

Despite the Hindus� intolerance towards the people of other religions, India still hosts a large number of Jews on its soil. The Hindus are not reported to ever have any problem with them, nor are the Jews reported to have any dispute with their predominantly Hindu neighbors.


But the Hindus really despise the Muslims for reasons perhaps Mr. Chowdhury can elaborate in his next write up. The Hindus have not only been making the Muslims� lives miserable, they have also been denying them those rights they granted to the Jews.   


Forced by compulsions, Muslims react to the Hindus� excesses and this leads to communal riots between them. Since the Hindus are in majority in India, a large number of Muslims have already died in their hands.


Now the Muslim Umma is united and is willing to protect the Indian Muslims at any cost. Recognizing the changed attitude of the Muslim Umma, Indian Hindus are not expected to harass or kill the Muslims in future. Hopefully, we are going to see a happy and prosperous Muslim community in India in days ahead.


Writing about the Jews� presence in Pakistan, Mr. Chowdhury stated:  �During Pakistan era several Jews lived in Pakistan. One family lived in the then East Pakistan ��


The above fact proves how anti-Muslims the Jews had been all along their history. Compare a large number of them living in a Hindu state of India with only �several of them� living in Pakistan with just one family having its home in its eastern wing. Does it not prove that despite receiving best of treatments from the Muslims, the Jews gave preference to the Hindus over the Muslims?


The Jews had intentionally refrained from settling down in Pakistan to give a bad name to the Muslims. They believed that if they avoided Pakistan and settled down in India, the world opinion would prefer India over Pakistan. How the Jews could have done this to their benefactors is beyond me. I hope Mr. Chowdhury would throw some light on it in future.



At one stage of his rebuttal, Mr. Chowdhury wrote: �Where did Mr. Jamal Hasan find that the Muslims teach hatred against the Jews? Where is that history?�


I am sure Mr. Hasan will not be able to come up with any historical document to meet Mr. Chowdhury�s challenge. He, however, may quote some of the verses from the Quran to prove his claim on Muslims� hatred towards the Jews. Some of the verses he is likely to come up with may be the following:


�And well ye know those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of Sabbath: We said to them: �Be ye apes, despised and rejected� (2:65).


�Say: Shall I inform you of (him who is) worse than this in retribution from Allah? (Worse is he) whom Allah has cursed and brought His wrath upon, and of whom He made apes and swine, and he who served the Shaitan; these are worse in place and more erring from the straight path� (5:60).


�Wherefore for the iniquity of those who are Jews did We disallow to them the good things which had been made lawful for them and for their hindering many (people) from Allah's way� (4:160).


�O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people� (5:51).


Mr. Hasan may also refer to the struggles the Prophet of Islam had with the Jews of Medina. This he might do to prove that the Prophet disliked the Jews and that he himself killed a number of Jews with his own hand.


Like Mr. Larry, I am not going to accept all the above as facts. Moreover, we cannot take the Quran literally. Most of the things it says were meant for the time of the Prophet. The Jews opposed the Prophet; so what if he killed at least 600 of them?


But it does not mean that he did not love the Jews. The beheading of at least 600 of them does not mean that the Prophet had ordered them killed out of his hatred towards them. In fact, he resorted to this tactic to instill love in the hearts of those Jews who survived.  They recognized the Prophet�s noble gesture and reciprocated it by extending their support to their Muslim rulers.


The best homage they paid to the Prophet was through their mass conversion to Islam. But in later days, the Jews changed their attitude towards the Muslims. This was a black mark on the history of the Jews. They will have to pay for their treacherous conduct if not now but in future.


Mohammad Asghar

December 2, 2004


Mohammad Asghar writes from USA. 

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