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Articles (on Philosophy/religion etc..):

A Dangerous Quest for Cooperation between Science and Religion

‘Science and Religion: Reality vs. Emotion!’ – is Anything but far from Reality!

Hurting Religious sentiment: Once Again!

Response to Mr. Sitangshu Guha on American policy

Response to a skeptic on evolution [ 1 | 2 | 3]

My View on Vivekananda [1 | 2]

Joan Baez and our Liberation War

Response to Aparthib: On 'Homosexuality is unnatural' issue

Response to Setara Hashem on Atheism, Secular Humanism etc.

Bigganbad and Falsification: Few comments

My comment on Manu Samhita/Darshan

Secularism: Correct Interpretation is Necessary

Response to Manosh on Criticism of Islam etc in Mukto-Mona.

Re: Why I Am Not a Hindu by Ramendra Nath [Response to Ashok Kumawat]

My comment on Antony Flew's "conversion"

God's Existence and Buddhist philosophy vs. Modern science: An Interesting Debate

Thoughts at the Final Moments (with Jahed Ahmed)

Bush's war on Terror- The Missing Factor (with Jahed Ahmed/ Published in Bangladesh Observer)

Pascal's Wager: Is it really a Safer Bet to be a Believer rather than an Atheist ?

Is Communism Scientific? Avijit Roy debates with Setara Hashem [Aparthib's Response]

A Letter from God

Shoti-daho [Widow Burning]

My Religion

Slavery in Hinduism

Hoax of "Constructive Criticism"

"Ram Janmma-bhumi" Myth and Hindu fundamentalism

Super-Scientific Religious Scriptures!  (Translation : Abul Kasem)

Minority Situation : Perspective Bangladesh

Response to Mr. Hasan on wife-beating issue  

Does the Noble Quran support "The Earth moves around the Sun" theory?

Quran: Word of Muhammad or Allah?

Does Quran have any scientific miracles?

From Neanderthal to Atheist : In search of a Religious belief 

Produce a Sura Like This! 

A critique of Mr. Halim's Article (on God)


Articles (on skepticism/Rationalism:):

Comment on Sai Baba's Miracle

The Glorious Name "ALLAH" Appeared on the Waves of Tsunami! : A response

Response to Ali Sina [Part-1 | Part-2 ]

Soul-ESP- psycho kinesis 

Extrasensory Deception

Rationalism, Freethinking and Prospects of Mukto-mona