Respect sentiment of Bengalis

Mohammad Delwar Hossain Arif


The recent remonstration held in Feni and Magura concerning the entombment of rajakar Reju should be treated as a emblematic abhorrence against the collaborators. It is matter of hope that Bengalis still hate those who assist Pakistani Junta in committing war crime like murdering, raping, prowling and burning down the houses of people of Bangladesh in 1971. 

This years’ victory day is a particular one in 36 years as the claim for trial of war criminals has get impetus in the country. People from all sections are demanding the trial of war criminal specifically rajakar, al-badr and al-shams. There are compelling grounds for this stipulation as people are observing that present caretaker government has already done some incredible jobs by arresting many political leaders in charge of corruption, which was out of their thoughts. So they are thinking that it is the exact time to raise the voice for the trial of war criminals. 

Even though we should not buttress the vindictive act but the claim for retreating the deceased body of Reju is not mere a malicious act rather an protest of common people who lost their near and dears in 1971. The disagreement put by the Farid Ahamed saying, ` A dead body is like a lifeless object and we should not be so emotional to insist the removal of dead body of a Rajakar.” He also raised question the people of Feni were not conscious of the information that Reju was a rajakar when they allow him as a son-in-law. Here a question is extremely pertinent that is it possible to be alert of anybody who wants to marry a daughter of your district in Bangladesh? Moreover, Reju’s wife was not a permanent resident of Feni when she got married (See daily Janakantha, 19/12/2007, for details).