Election Night update

Nail biting time has finally arrived    

11:00 237 EV p.m.

A.H. Jaffor Ullah



Bush 246 EV versus Kerry 216 EV  

Nail biting time has come for both Kerry and Bush�s supporter.  Who will get the required 271 EV?  Some may say that since Bush has already received therefore he will get the additional 34 EV to wrap up his campaign to win the White House for four additional years.  Therefore, Bush has to win the Buckeye state ( Ohio ) at all cost.  But still then, he will need 14 additional EV.  Where those are going to come from?


The state of Alaska will add only 3 EV.  The state of Colorado if he wins will give him 9 more EV (the state went to Bush as I was writing this article.  He still will be shy of 2 EV.  That leaves New Hampshire (4 EV), New Mexico (5 EV), Nevada (5 EV), and Hawaii (4 EV).  The other upper Midwestern states such as Iowa (7 EV), Wisconsin (10 EV), and Michigan 17) are still in the play but they are not coming to Bush�s side unless there is a miracle coming into his way.


So, in order to secure his victory George Bush has to win any of the Midwestern State , which is easier said than done. 


Mr. Kerry has to win all the Midwestern states and on top of it, secure the votes of Nevada , New Mexico , and New Hampshire (which I think will join Kerry�s column).  Kerry thus has an uphill battle but he might win these states.  If I am Kerry�s campaign manager, then I will hope that Bush won�t get anymore state because he has secure all the states he was supposed to grab. 


If Mr. Bush comes out victorious in Ohio , he will get 20 more EV and his total will electoral vote will come to 266, which is shy of 5 additional votes.  It will be interesting to see where that additional 5 EV comes from.  Will it be Nevada or the state of New Mexico ?


The election result looks like a cliffhanger.  Most likely, we will know the result at the wee hours of the night.


I am an eternal optimist.  There is this chance that Kerry might win the rest barring Ohio .  That will deny him the presidency.  It is not improbable but whether it will happen or not is an open question.


My advise to M-M readers is hang in there and see how this ends.  By the way, Mr. Kerry has not conceded this election yet.  As I was writing this piece, the secretary of state of Ohio was interviewed by the ABC YV network and the secretary say that it is a long way to finish the vote counting and it may need hours or days.  The election is too close in Ohio .  I will be watching the development in the Internet with biting my fingers so to speak.


Dr. A.H. Jaffor Ullah, a researcher and columnist, writes from New Orleans , USA

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