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Bangladesh was made a paradox with the able hands of military, mullahs, and oligarchs 30 September, 2007

Why conspiracy theorists like Abu Samara (আবু সামারাহ) are vocal now against Mukto-mona writers? 28 September, 2007

Ayub Khan, a quintessence of evil, chastised Bangalees in his second book erroneously A.H. Jaffor Ullah 25 June, 2007

The constitutionality of the interim government: is it legit or not? A.H. Jaffor Ullah 1 May, 2007

Democracy recalled by General Moeen 4 April, 2007

Letter to Congressman 30 March, 2007

A new fatwa against writer Taslima Nasrin! A.H. Jaffor Ullah 20 March, 2007

Top guns of BNP and AL arrested as per the blueprint by Fakhruddin government 5 Feb, 2007

Two death row inmates 25 Jan, 2007

Get Rid of Crime Bosses 15 Jan, 2007

One person roiling the entire nation through his antics! A.H. Jaffor Ullah 13 Jan, 2007

Iajuddin's contribution to a looming political crisis in Bangladesh 12 December, 2006

Yajuddin Ahmed as a caretaker chief � a bad news for Bangladesh 9 November, 2006

Going forward a gridlock or compromise in Washington politics? 9 November, 2006

Khaleda Zia's revenge 29 October, 2006

America's Population 17 October, 2006

North Korea's Nuclear Test  9 October, 2006

How did Katrina change my life?  8 August, 2006

[5 years of Mukto-Mona ] After years of growing pain, the forum is in shipshape condition to move forward

1. Apologia: Guess who called me today?  2. The story of M. A. Alim and Tayeb Husain

Earth Day 2006: Thoughts for a pristine world in this millennium  22 April 2006

Kansat Uprising: The first peasant revolution in Bangladesh in a long time  15 April 2006

They paid the price of electricity with their blood 14 April 2006

How did conniving Mullahs gain upper hand in Sonar Bangla? Apr 12, 2006

A Botox therapy for Bangladesh? Apr 12, 2006

How did Setara Hashem aka Mohiuddin get caught in the Internet again? 11 April, 2006

Would the real Setara Hashem please stand up? 07 April 2006

A befitting reply to a curmudgeon [Syed Aslam, Titu Ahmed, Quazi Azzizul Hoque � all rolled into one person]  06 April, 2006

Obscurantist par excellence Shamim rants in his obscure forum! 31 Mar, 2006

Thirty-five long years ago 26 Mar, 2006 

Poetics of Jibanananda Das 21 Mar, 2006

Milosevic�the butcher of the Balkans�dies at 64 17 Mar, 2006

The mysterious financiers of JMB 07 Mar, 2006

The nexus between the militant JMB leaders and Khaleda Zia government 06 Mar, 2006

Dick Cheney's political life is in dire straits!  16 Feb, 2006

Shadabul Mujib's execration against Hindus sans any factual basis 15 Jan., 2006

The Partha saga re-lives through Yadav Das in Bangladesh 12 Dec., 2005

Propaganda galore by Islamists masquerading as sages 06 Dec., 2005

Bangladesh: A new wave of terrorism by Islamists rocks the nation 30 Nov, 2005

�Intelligent Design� facing an uphill battle in Pennsylvania

Katrina and a personal tragedy:

Back to campus life after all these years!

Re: [To Dr. Fazle Hussain] Dr. Jaffor Ullah's experience!

Katrina�s curse!

An update on Jaffor Ullah's post-Katrina situation

Jaffor Ullah sends his thanks and gratitude

Katrina and a personal tragedy from New Orleans Jaffor Ullah
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Miscellaneous Articles:

Dhaka is in disarray in the wake of 8/17 Islamic blitzkrieg

The 8/17 blitzkriegs by Islamists does not bode well for Bangladesh

Intelligence dead wrong on Iraq, the U.S. presidential panel on WMD

The first anniversary of the brutal attack on Humayun Azad

Remembering this day - February 21, 1952 - after half a century

Iraqi election nears but no guarantee of sharing power offered to Sunnis 

Bush's Darfur Dilemma

An earnest appeal to Mukto-monas

In search of Arafat�s successor

How did the Zionists get their land?

A conspiracy theory making its round in Arab World over Arafat's death

 US election 2004:

Why should Mukto-mona support the Kerry-Edwards ticket?   

Senator Kerry�s defeat and take home message for American liberals

Kerry probably will barely lose the election to Bush

Nail biting time has finally arrived

Election Night projection: No flip-flop of states so far! Kerry fan: hang in there!

Zogby International poll predicts a big win for Kerry 

Heavy minority voters� turnout taking place; good news for Kerry-Edwards ticket

Zogby's poll favors Kerry win but Florida is a must state for Democrat

Perhaps China sensed that Bush�s days are numbered!

Is it possible to tie the U.S. electoral votes? What happens then?

Osama's message hits the hornet's nest 100 hours before the Election Day 

A light Kerry breeze blowing over the political landscape of America

Re: Bush will win ? Think for a while ... 

Is Kerry-Edward Winning ? 

The dynamics of U.S. election brings a plethora of domestic issues 

 An assessment: Who will be the winner? Bush or Kerry? 

Analysis of the third debate between Bush and Kerry 

The Fight for White House 

Analysis of the Bush-Kerry Second Debate 

The Paul Bremer Controversy will help Kerry in the upcoming election 

Cheney-Edwards debate: A solid performance by both

A Decisive Victory for John Kerry 



 More Articles:

Social justice is a core issue at Mukto-Mona

How to attain Nirvana in your lifetime?

A rich tribute to a great filmmaker of Bangladesh 

1. The Afghan poll: What next? 2. The Afghan election fiasco:

Women soccer bout took place in Dhaka despite Islamists' noisy protest 

Translation of Jibanananda Das's poem - "ekti purono kobita" 

1. My rebuttal to Setara Hashem, the ultimate defender of Islam and Maxism 2. My Bangla article on Ms. Setara Hashem,, a champion Marxist [Bangla]

The bizarre tale of 8-21 judicial probe 

Grenade blasts at AL rally would further mar the smudged image of BD

Sudden demise of an iconoclast whom I never met

Requiem for a Romantic Rebel: Dr. Humayun Azad

When it comes to Evolution, Darwinism wins easily over 'Intelligent Design' theory  

How dare the recalcitrant mullahs offer their fatwa against three very bright professors of DU?

A quiet genocide in western Sudan is in the offing

Did Ronald Reagan really kill the Soviet Union?

1. Who needs a 'Mullah Omar' to mete out street justice in Bangladesh? 2. Litany of lies by Maulana Nizami before Secretary Christina Rocca

Sufi shrine blast does not bode well for Islamized Bangladesh! 

Litany of lies by Maulana Nizami before Secretary Christina Rocca

Stop Bangladesh�s retrogressive journey ushered in by obscurantists  

Islamists round the globe bemoan the fall of �Butcher of Baghdad�

Eid Day blasts are symptomatic of Bangladesh�s highly polarized society 

Image of Early Islam  

Biswa Ijtema 

�Cardiac Arrest� �A new meaning of the old medical term in Bangladesh  

Put the deadly genie back into bottle before it is too late! 

Makar Sankranti - an ingenious product of Hindu belief system! 

Father of Pakistan�s Green Atomic bomb and his military aid in political hot water

Bangladesh �ber Alles

The tales from woebegone Bangladesh 

On General Niazi�s departure to the other world- A Bengali perspective




An Illustrated Meghaduta by Mahakavi Kalidasa,

I took a serious interest in Kali Dasa's Sanskrit poem Meghadootam. Last time I visited Dhaka, I went to Bangla Academy's retail bookstore, which is located in Bangla Academy compound. There, I found a scholarly book on Meghadootam written by Prof. Kanai Lal Roy, a professor at Rajshahi University. Prof. Roy's book gives both the original Sanskrit poem of Kali Dasa and the Bangla translation. I searched in the Internet to find a good English translation, which I am sure is available somewhere. ... (Read more

The Portrait and Poem of a Poets: By Dr. A. H. Jaffor Ullah

Rabindranath Thakur, the celebrated Bengali poet, short-story writer, song composer, playwright, essayist, and painter who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. He introduced new prose and verse forms and the use of colloquial language into Bengali literature, thereby freeing it from traditional models based on classical Sanskrit. He was highly influential in introducing the best of Indian culture to the West and vice  .... (Read more)

Those Alluring Poems of Jibanananda Das : By A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Poems of Jibanananda Das have special meaning to all of us who are living in an alien land faraway removed from Bengal. The sensation that I get reading poems from Ruposhi bangla or Bonolata Sen cannot so easily be described through writing alone. How one could possibly describe his or her mood or emotion? As I am gracefully growing older, Jibanananda Das's poems are creeping into my mind. The joy that I get upon reading his fascinating poems ... ... ....(Read more)


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The Dhaka Diary - Part Nine: Portrait of a true Mukti Bahini soldier
The Dhaka Diary - Part Ten: A Visit to Dhaka's Muktijuddha Jadughar
The Dhaka Diary - Part Eleven: A Visit to DRIK Art Gallery
The Dhaka Diary - Part Twelve: How to get halal meat without ever sweating!
The Dhaka Diary - Part Thirteen: Our night out in Gulshan!
The Story of Sam  - A Persistent Howler
Ramna Botomul Revisited a year later
Global migration of families from my perspective


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