How did Setara Hashem aka Mohiuddin get caught in the Internet again?

 A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Published on April 11, 2006

If you are a big blabber in the Net who abuses other writers using a fake name, the chances are there that you will be caught sooner or later red-handed.  Yes, that happened to one Mr. Ahamed Mohiuddin who abused a record number of secular folks in the Internet in the past 4-5 years.


Yes indeed, Mr. Mohiuddin was becoming a brazen netter, lately.  By using the female name Setara Hashem he was abusing many secularists of Bengali origin.  His writing style and choice of words both in Bangla and English had indicated that he was a man.  However, Setara Hashem would vehemently oppose and would not entertain any idea that would say that he was impersonating as a female.  A couple of years have passed by and I almost forgot about him but in recent days, he started to abuse me one more time with his ridiculous assertion that I was a Jamaati person in my youth and then he said I joined Ayub Khan's political party the Convention Muslim League's student wing in the 1960s to take some financial advantage.  In another place he said that I was a Razakar (meaning I helped Pakistani military during 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War).  I was in the US studying for my doctoral degree in 1971.  I took up my pen to write articles and give speeches in favor of Bangladesh�s independence.  Now this oddball fellow had the chutzpah to post his filthy write-up to mar my character.  Mr. Mohiuddin started to strew the Internet to blemish my character once I unmasked the identity of Setara Hashem.  Unperturbed, Setara Hashem returned to Mukto-Mona forum to hurl another round of epithets at me.  I hope this article would do him in for good.


Today (April 11, 2006), I decided to search the Internet to look for one Mr. Mohiuddin in NY City.  First, I search Setara Hashem's posts with key word "Setara Hashem" and New York.  I found many hits but the one that did him in was a street address (Forbel Street, Brooklyn NY).  Please check these two links:  (Setara�s posting at the end of the page) (at the end of first one-third of the posts).


I then tried a people search engine by the name Zabasearch.  I punched in "Mohiuddin" and "Forbel Street" (the wrongly spelled name!).  Bingo, I received not only Setara Hashem's home address but also his phone number.  The Zabasearch gave me the following:




BROOKLYN, NY  11208    (718) 277-7164  


Mr. Ahamed Mohiuddin (Setara Hashem) is a bad speller both in Bangla and English.  He spelled the road name of his residence, wrongly.  Still then, the mighty search engine found his house in Brooklyn.  Of course, the lucky break came few days earlier from a person who revealed that one Mr. Mohiuddin is masquerading in the Internet as Setara Hashem. 


Writing is a powerful stuff.  Many readers may already know that the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was caught by FBI because his article published in NY Times (forced by the Unabomber) left enough signature marks visible into the eyes of his family members.  Dr. Kaczynski's brother pointed out who the Unabomber was based solely on his brother�s writing style.  Setara Hashem told many times that he was a female person but I was not all that convinced.  For one, I knew for sure that a woman from Bangladesh wouldn�t mention the human body parts located at the lower extremity.  Also, a woman won't resort to foul and vile language in her post to demean her proponent.   


Once Setara Hashem was exposed in Mukto-Mona forum, Mr. Ahamed Mohiuddin still kept on writing rebuttal using concocted information.  He thinks he could get away with his insolence and mischief.  His fib making had surpassed anyone that I know in this world.  With his imagination why not let him try to be a fiction writer.  With his talent he could even surpass Dr. Humayun Ahmed of Dhaka.  This writing on political stuff and society could be outright dangerous.  One could gain in a hurry many enemies.  He thought he was a smart fellow who could avoid all the pitfalls of writing in multiple forums.  But he was caught red-handed.  How many more proofs one needs to show that Setara Hashem is none other than Ahamed Mohiuddin?  Visit the house (126 Forbell Street in Brooklyn; take South Conduit Ave NY 27 going towards Highland Park, after crossing Cross Bay Boulevard drive about 1.4 miles make a right turn on Forbell Street.  His house is on 3 blocks further up) and ask for Setara Hashem.  You will find a man in his sixties greeting you happily as Setara Hashem.


Enough of Mr. Mohiuddin�s antic.  To the moderators of other forums: please do not allow this charlatan to submit any more articles using this pseudonym Setara Hashem.  If he likes to use his real name, then, it should not pose any confusion.  Everyone has his or her birthright to pen opinion but abusing others in the Net using a nom de plume is a no no - if the big idea is to harass a fellow netter.


A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Honness Lane

Ithaca, New York