Five Years of Mukto-Mona

My experience with Mukto-Mona

Nuruzzaman Manik

Published on February 13, 2007


My experience with  MM site and MM forum

(Dear reader ,Please excuse me for any spelling or grammatical mistakes)


01.Present Status:

I have not any pc with  internet connection at my home. I have to use internet at my work.
The first job after my arrival in my office is to visit Mukto-Mona site and Mukto-Mona forum.

02. How I got the link of Mukto-Mona

I got the site address while I was (google) searching  for an article/essay of Dr.Ahmed Sharif.

03. Love at first site

The above title (Love at first site) is absolutely true for me. I become true lover of Mukto-Mona since my first visit in this site.

Reasons: 1.Most of the articles of this site are of my favorites.

                 2.I get some important archive of my favorite writers (say, Late Dr.Ahmed Sharif, Dr.Humayun Azad, Dr.Ajoy Roy et all).

                 3.I got in touch of some new writers (at least new for me) from this site and become fond of their writings.  Avijit Roy, Shabnam Nadiya, Abul Kasem, Nondini Hossain and many others are of my favorites.

Remarkable reason:

With due respect, I would like to mention that am contributing most of Ist class dailies for more than 12 years. From my experience, I  am sorry to say that all the dailies claim loud about their  neutrality (niropekhota), but I don't get any one that can be marked so.

But both Mukto-Mona site  and  Mukto-mona yahoo group  forum  have been successfully proven to mark them really neutral (at least in publishing debates/discussion etc from both the sides).

04. My first message to MM forum

Once I read an article of one MM member, Ms. Umme Muslima on Daily Prothom Alo named by "Ato Lomaba Hoyer Ki Ase", I sent a response, being aware of  the fact that Ms. Muslima was a member of MM. MM moderator team was kind enough to post my message in MM forum  along with another response of Mr. Avijit Roy. I appreciated this very much.

05.My first article for MM site

I sent two articles. One of the articles named Chakranta (bangla) written by  my father who was a freedom fighter in 1971 and another one is of mine named by Zia -Taher prosongo : tinti drishpot. Both the articles consist of authentic documentation and they dealt with some  bitter political truth as well. I sent the same articles earlier to many of those so called "neutral" dailies but they did not want to publish. MM was kind enough to publish both.

Wishing all the best of MM.

Nuruzzaman Manik
Freelance Journalist
May 13,2006