People should not depend on God


Published on April 02, 2006

In the eve of civilization human being had to fight against natural catastrophe, many times they defeated, then cried to super power for safe them up, but no God or super power extended its blessings. It is human beings who came to safe another human lives. So, if there is someone to respect, it is almost human being.

In the modern world those nations are dominated by religion, backwardness is the integral part of their life. The people form society, so people will change and develop everything; there is no need to depend on god or any religions.

1. Although at the beginning of civilization there were no god but at the commencement of middle age some people created the idea of god, the almighty, personally and collectively every people face different problems, some of them can overcome and some problems became difficult for them. It is a general observation that in every era problem is always stronger then solution procedure, at the moment the disease AIDS is more difficult problem than present medication arrangements. On the basis of this issue some religious and missionary of church are trying to mislead the people and trying to convince them in favor of religion by saying AIDS as a curse of almighty. It is mention here that once smallpox, diarrhea, black fever and plague was the great danger for humanity but at the moment this is not a problem at all, we strongly hope that within a short time the medical scientist will invent the medicine of AIDS. The practice of religion is not the solution of that case. But for the time being Government and non-government agencies should create the awareness to combat against AIDS.

2. Similarly, after independence of our country the government was not enough capable to lead the nation in right direction, people suffer in various ways such as to fulfill their basic needs. Beside this the power occupied by the military, unjust killing, violation of civil and political rights of citizens and imposes autocracy on the nation hampered human living. During the dictatorship our Bangle society fallen on a worst situation. People always waiting for the blessings of god, but god dose not remove the autocrat until the massive movement of students and workers jointly and the glorious death of Dr. Millon.

3. While American troops were severely bombing on Afghanistan and Iraq than all Muslim ummah were crying and prayed to Allah for saving them in every mosque. That was also a month of Ramadan, In the Qu’ran Allah said that “Uduni fastajiblahom” that means ‘call me directly and I will response at once’ but no response were got from the almighty. The great prophet of Islam also said any kind of prayer would be accepted to God without delay in the month of Ramadan. But the almighty did not maintain its commitment to protect the Muslims.

4. Some people advice that if we follow the religion our stresses of daily life would be removed and shifted, that would also keep ensure our sanity. Infect this concept is not right but the practice of religion reduces the working spirit of people, lead them idle life, in this idle life they hatching different types of criminal interventions. Which increases more stress among them.

5. Once drought and flood fully destroyed our agricultural sector, in that period people offered different types of religious activities and sacrifices and also cried to Allah for rain, but Allah never help the people to improve their agriculture and irrigation system. There is an angel, named Mikhail of Islam, responsible for rain and storm management. Now a day’s people develop irrigation system for their agriculture, fisheries and livestock, so there is no need to depend on angels, Mikhail.

6.In the modern age industrialization is the important sector for creation of employment, third world are in backward in this sector, lots of men and woman are unemployed, they are suffering from various problems, the unemployed people always prayed to all mighty but a very few people get the job. Those who get job have strong jack to high ups of particular posts or pay a huge of bribe. There is no contribution of god.

7. In most countries, transports start journey by the name of almighty and the passengers also prayed to God to save them from accidents. Though after conducting of praying to super power, there sometimes happened road accident and lots of people lost their lives. The crying of the victims never hard to the “Sumiumbachir” meaning whom hard all things, people improvising their trafficking system by their own initiative.

8. Lack of good governance and proper implementation of human rights in the third world countries and absence of role of law people suffer various way, such as terrorism, repression, and torturing and so on, people crying and appeal to god for their emancipation but so far there is no evidence that god help to remove the terror or repressions.

9. Some curious people often raise question, such as (1) who I m? (2) Who created me? (3) What is my duty? These are not new questions at all, these are very old and already been answered several times. The simple answers of these questions are we are an animal as well as rational being. Rationality is not developed equally in all human being; it is based upon atmosphere, education and culture. Infect we are not created by some one rather we are evaluated from a singled cell living things. And finally we would be agreed that our duty is not predetermined in the world, which determined by the society, people performed their duty according to their own position capacity and social status.

It is concluded here that there is no need to depend on god for living in the world. People should develop themselves as demand of time, with education, skills, and culture.

Shihab writes from Bangladesh. He can be reached at [email protected]