The way of obtaining knowledge: A skeptical overview


Published on April 02, 2006

1.At the very beginning of civilization human being are tried to know the mystery of all events happening with them and their surroundings such as drought, rain, flood, earthquake, different dangerous disease etc. In this situation their experience leads them to imagine, experiment, test, prove and use their ideas and products. Especially in Asia the people produce boat for navigation in the waterway, net for fishing, lamp for lighting, plough for cultivation, spade for digging of soil, trap for hunting birds and animals. In this regard there is no any contribution from religions to make these and so-called Almighty God & goddess. People improved the mood of production by themselves through earning by doing methods not by any kind of oracles. In the course of time they invented and discover many things e.g. oil, gas, coil and minerals. Not only that they create also cars, computers and huge industrial equipments. We know knowledge is power; it is light and very useful thing for humanity in the world, which is created by only human kind.

2. At the eve of middle age some intelligent and clever social leader created the idea of God, life after death, angels, oracles, haven & hells and so on. They used fear, panic and taboos of people, unfinished answers of some ordinary questions, ethnical and regional emotion. They strongly used the mystery of birth, death and the concept of life after deaths. The religious leader were also mobilized people to achieve knowledge (?) but they derailed people in the filthy way of splitting, destroy the human harmony and sense of human dignity. It is undeniable that if we see the global MAP we will find out that the area where religion is dominant power; the area is almost backward and comparatively poorest in other part of the world. Ill heath, illiteracy, miss governance, corruption, social & political unrest, injustice to the ethnic minority, and violence against women and children is the integral part of the society, there are lots of example are available in the Asia and Africa.

3.if we think about the question, ‘what would be the means of obtaining knowledge for our life and world?’ Obviously the answer would be Science. We all know religion has no answer about Tsunami, earthquake, sound environment, fresh water, air, treatment of diseases, computing system, more productive agriculture, genetics, livestock, poultry and defining knowledge about cosmological issues. So we must depend on science to get pure knowledge. Recently we found in the market and internet website some books and magazine the theistic group of people are trying to bland religion with science in the name of fine tuning, intelligent design, scientific indication in the holy Q’uran, Bible Q’uran and science and so forth. Those are not science at all, they immaturely collected some quotation from different scientist and thinkers and tried their level best to linked up their religion and tried to find out the similarity of science. I think it is a victory of secular science followers.

4. Some time we observed that a few scientists admit that they are believer, spread out some word in favor of God and religion. It is a fact that every one has some limitations all are not equally ethically sound, some people don’t want to acknowledged themselves as controversial in the fanatic society, some need scholarship, some hanker after name and fame, some want in favor of power structure to get bread and crimes. And also some people are genetically dominated by unknown unseen beliefs. But it is proved that there is no religion in the world, which can produce any simple things for the benefits of people, it is always harmful for physical and intellectual natural growth of a person and also creates neurological blockage/disorder. Moreover, it is the main cause of intolerance, arrogance and terrorism it is also an easily useable tools to exploit the people by politicians and clever people.

Shihab writes from Bangladesh. He can be reached at [email protected]