Religion should not blend with Politics and state


Published on April 02, 2006

1. All religious leaders claimed that they donít say anything, they saying only what is oracle to them. The Prophet of Islam Mohammad declared that he bare down on to humankind only and only what reveled to him from the god. In Islamic religion and the followers of Mohammad never tolerate and accept any kind of changes in religion. Although everyday we are internally and externally changing, our education system, communication, arts, literatures, industry agriculture and whole lifestyle, it is clear that human society is all ways changing.

2. If we look at the human history we will find all the religions are emerged from Asian countries, such as Middle East, India and its adjacent area, but there is no significant religion were developed in Europe. Although religions were not come out from the Europe but once the influence of religion was not less then ours. It is remarkable that European countries separated religion from their state and politics at the eve of industrial revolution, but most of the Asian country does not did it, resulting is that poverty, fundamentalism, terrorism, unjust killing, repression of women, religious minority and nonbelievers is the common phenomena in the countries. 3. It is undeniable reality is that if the enlightened people dose not come forward to separation of religions from the state that would be create dangers situation for human civilization, this claim is not only the expression of emission but it is obviously demand of time. According to Islam revelation of oracle is stop no more prophet will come down in the earth. So it is agreeable that lot of problems and invention of science is not stopped, every day various types of problems and scientific creations are come up to us such as organ transfer, cloning, use of genetically developed agro inventions and so on. Similarly during Mohammedan era democracy was not in practice in the world, now a days democracy as a political ideology is very popular and acceptable allover the world. Is it acceptable by Islam or not? Who will give the correct answer? There is no chance to get oracle for accurate direction, We observing some Islamic thinker support democracy and some of them dose not agree with them, on the other hand there is no way to ask God almighty what is correct and what is wrong?

4. Radical Islamic force claiming that Man made Law, philosophy and code of life is not acceptable but only the Quíranic law would be the constitution for the human being and state. It is surprising that they are using all types of scientific (man made) device without question but only the regarding political issues they opposes manmade law, and want to impose their opinion on the common people that is Mullahism or so called kingdom of God.

5. In the modern age the structure of state is forming as democratic way, where citizen is the source of power but according to Islam Allah is the only sovereign power that directly creates confect with Human vs. God. Though God never comedown to fight to establish its king doom but some fanatic MuJhid such as al Qaydah, Hurkatul jihad or Jamaat always trying to remove the civilization and creation of humankind from the society to establishing Islam. They quoted some verses from the Quíran e.g. Liushiraho ala ddenee qullihee Ė establish deen Islam on all religions, Aqeemuddeen walatata fakkaru feehee- establish deen Islam donít be divided and so forth. It is strongly sensed that intolerance, fanaticism and imposing attitudes are the main essence religion. If the state owned any religion then that would be danger for others. So that we claiming: 1. Stop blend Religion with Politics 2. Stop blend Politics with Religion 3. Stop blend Religion with Government. 4. Stop blend Religion with the Education System.5. Stop blend Religion with the Legal System. 6. We want Secular Civil Code in BANGLADESH

Shihab writes from Bangladesh. He can be reached at [email protected]