Remembering Dr. Humayun Azad and Albert Einstein in Rationalist Day (1st March, 2005)

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In order to counter the spread of fundamentalism, superstition and blind faith, which also includes religious fanaticism, astrology, caste-system, spiritualism and numerous other obscurantist beliefs, the need to intensify the Rationalist movement is over-increasing all over the world. After exchanging opinions with few more like-minded organizations, MM has decided to celebrate 1st March as a Rationalist Day since last year.

Let�s mark the event together once again this year! We would like to invite write-ups of progressive/scientific/liberal origin- those ones that speak for MM ideals and interest. Apart from highlighting past and present history of rationalists� movements worldwide, we would also like to request our members to send write-ups remembering our distinguished member Dr. Humayun Azad.

Pic: Science and Rationalists' Association of India are in cultural activities in Rationalist Day.

In parallel, MM has taken initiative to highlight the vitality of physics and its importance remembering the pioneering contributions of Albert Einstein in his "miraculous year", 1905. This year is particularly significant for us as, 2005 (exactly 100 years after 1905) has already been declared as the world-year-of-physics (WYP2005) internationally. As we know, MM is proud to have some world-wide renowned physicists in our forum as our member, we hope significant contribution from them will bring the excitement of science to all of us and will inspire a new generation of scientists /scientific minded people and rationalists.

Please send your write-ups to [email protected]  by February 28/2005. Apology for the short notice....

MM Moderators

24 July 2009