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Humayun Azad: Some words of bereavement from Mukto-mona’s Advisory Board

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Azad returns, blames Jamaat for attack


Mukto-Mona moderator talks to  HA:

I got the Bangkok phone number of Dr. Humayun Azad (thanks to Mr. Jahed Ahmed, a leading member of MM forum), and got a rare opportunity to talk to my "idol" today for a long time. He recognized me immediately! He sounded cheerful, ready to pen his next book / article. Still the same, full of zeal against the bigots, “The Maverick” as Dawn described him earlier! Commenting on his detractors openly, calling “a spade a spade” as usual!  (Read More ...)



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Doctors plan shifting Azad from ICU

BSS journalist resigns over Azad write-up


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Attention: Moderator,Mukto-mona [email protected]

Dear Mukto-monas,

Here is the latest news of Dr. Hmayun Azad. Kindly see below.


Latest News on Dr. Humayun Aazd.  

-Ajoy Roy


Date line 9th –10 March 2004: Dr. Humayun Azad’s condition stable

Date 9th March According to press release of ISPR the condition of Dr. Azad has improved further and remained stable, all body functions working normally. He may be shifted to general ward very soon says the press release quoting the doctors of the medical board who examined this morning. The doctors have examined his eyesights and prescribed for a new spec. although it would not be supplied to him till his health improves further.

However according to Bhorer Kahoj report Dr. Azad is still not capable of taking even liquid through mouth, he is still being fed by nasal path. He is feeling uneasy and pain in the throat because of insertion of a tube inside the throat for a long time. Even the press release of ISRP claimed that he is able to walk normally without aid, the hospital source differed, according to Bhorer Kagoj report, saying that Dr. Azad is still too weak to walk without aid. However as a part of treatment he has been encouraged to walk with aids. This can’t be described normal. It would take some time said the hospital source.

Date 10th March: No more medical bulletin report on Dr. Azad by ISPR

The press release issued by ISPR on latest medical condition describes Humayun Azad’s condition as stable. He is improving day by day. This morning panel of doctors examined him and declared that he is out of danger, says the press release. Any time he would be transferred to general ward. The press release says no more medical bulletin on Dr. Azad would be issued the ISPR.

DU Campus: Processions and rallies continue(9-10 March)

The DU campus on 9th march once again full of processions and meetings organized by the general students under the banner Humayun Azad Andolon Mancha. The students observed a 'VC gherao sit down programme' in front of the VC’s office. DUTA today in its press conference declared that from tomorrow the examination would be outside the strike, and it has asked the teachers to perform their examination duties in the examination halls in the interest of the general students. Today Chhatradal held a brief meeting in front of the Aparajeya Bangla again asking teachers and students to call off strike. They submitted a memorandum to the VC and President, DUTA. The president of DUTA, Professor Arefin Siddiqui told the press that as soon as the government take positive action against the culprits and make arrangement to send Dr. Azad abroad for a through check up and medical treatment if needed, “we will resume our normal academic duties and go back to class.”

Today, 10th March the campus was once again full meetings and rallies. Students league today submitted a memorandum to DU-VC urging him to take necessary steps to release their worker Abu Abbas Bhuiyan who was arrested by the police on 28th February for interrogation in connection of the incident of Dr. Azad. They also held an assembly in the campus in which they pressed for their 12 points demands before moving to VC’s office.

Dhaka, March 9 and 10th , 2004


Latest News

latest:  Dr. Ajoy Roy writes from Dhaka

Latest position of Dr. Humayun Aazd.


The press release of ISRP once again informed that condition of Dr. Azad improved further. Panel doctors once again examined him this morning and expressed satisfaction on the over all progress of his health. They opined he is gradually becoming normal. His body functions are quite normal within tolerable limit. They are thinking him transferring..  ( Read more...)

Dhaka, March 8, 2004 late night

No further detail report of Dr. Azad’s condition is available. A press release of release of ISRP is just repetition of previous day’s report. The panel doctors forming the medical, incidentally all of CMH, no expert from outside CMH has been included, once again examined Dr. Azad and opined that his pressure, temperature, pulse etc are normal under the circumstances.   ( Read more...)

Dhaka, March 7, 2004 late night

The press release of ISRP is the only source of knowing condition of Dr. Humayun Azad who is still confined within the VIP ICU unit. According to the press release a team of doctors once again examined this morning. The doctors expressed satisfaction with latest condition of the noted author of around 100 books on variegated disciplines from philology to philosophy, in between he composed poems, wrote novels and thoughtful essays. His blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature were found normal within limit. ( Read more...)

Dhaka 6th, late night

From yesterday afternoon a tight security has been imposed on the visitors of Dr. Azad at CMH. It is learnt that at the advice of the government instruction CMH authority has imposed these restrictions. Accordingly, none other than family members of Dr. Azad which includes his wife, 4 sons-daughters and his sister and her husband, would be allowed to enter CMH with a view to see Dr. Azad or his family. The real motive is to bar the journalists and DU teachers to talk to Dr. Azad and his family members. (Read more ...)

Dhaka 5th, late night

The press release inter service public relation (ISPR) informs that condition of Dr. Humayun Azad is improving steadily. Hi is conscious, can recognize his relatives and well-wishers, trying to converse, although his speech and voice is not clear. (Read more ...)

Dhaka 4th, late night

According to CMH source as telecast by ATN Bangla in the morning, Dr. Humayn Azad, the victim of fundamentalist attack on 27th night in front of Bangla Academy, improved further. The CMH further claims that he is now fully conscious, though his condition is still critical, but surely he is making marked improvement. However the family source, according to ATN, is not convinced about his actual condition. The family says that what Dr. Azad was uttering does not make sense yet....(Read more ...).

Dhaka 3rd March, late night

According to press release issued by Inter Service Board condition of Dr. Humayun Azad has improved significantly after the expiry of 72 hours. According the press report Azad has regained his consciousness and breathing normally. His family has been taken to the ICU this morning at 9 a.m... (Read more ...).

2nd March, 11- 45 p.m.

Dr. Humayun Azad is still fighting for his life in the ICU of Combined Military Hospital (CMH). Although according to CMH source his condition has improved a little. This morning the ventilation machine was switched off to facilitate natural breathing of the patient. However how long it was kept off source did not elaborate... (Read more ...)

29th February, 11-45 p.m.

According to the latest news source from CMH the condition of Dr. Azad showed little sign of improvement, though he is still in the ICU unit of the CMH. This morning the panel of doctors forming the medical board has examined him. He has responded with his eyes and doctors believe that his body mechanism resuming functioning. His condition is however is very critical. ... (Read more ...)

29th February, 11-45 p.m.

Dr. Humayun Azad, My Colleague, Stabbed fatally

 Let me begin the story by asking our very competent Khaleda _Nizami government, please tell us, "who is your next target ?". After killing Manik Babu, noted journalist of Bnagladesh, yoyr men assaulted Dr. Kamal Hosain and Mr. Pankaj Bhattacharya, a veteran politician only a few days back, and then you targeted Dr. Humayun Azad. One point bears   . ... (Read more ...)



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