New Books of Ankur Prakashani  on Upcoming Ekushe Book Fair

Mesbahuddin Ahmed

Published on February 13, 2007


Dear Reader,

Ankur Prakashani is going to present quiet remarkable books at the upcoming Ekushe Book Fair---novels, essays, children books by renowned as well as new and promising writers from home and abroad. ANKUR is going to present Bengali translation of Harry Potter and the Goblett of Fire, 4th volume of J K Rowling's HP series of children books; Astrid Lindgren's Pippy and many other internationally renowned books.

Alo Hate Choliyache Adharer Jatri by Avijit Roy (2nd Print):

A brief and lucid history of the creation of the universe from a scientific point of view. This book is for those who are not scientists but have an interest in physics, particularly history of cosmology, black holes, Big Bang etc. The book tries to sketch a stormy road traveled since the science revolution of the 17th century and leads us up to the present and offers a naturalistic explanation for empirical observations that are frequently given theistic interpretations. The book will be highly informative to the educated lay reader and very useful for those who are dedicated to promote naturalistic worldview.

Soja Satrash Baka Santrash, collection of articles on war, terror and cultural aggression by Dr. Partha Banerjee:

Dr. Partha Banerjee has been living in USA for two decades. For a number of years now, he's been working in immigrants' rights in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and other U.S. states. His columns -- regularly published in Bengali and English media -- on war, terror, cultural aggression and chaos, religious extremism and other contemporary subjects made him a well-known personality, both in Bengal and overseas.

Colum Shomogro, Collection of essays by Taslima Nasrin:  

for which she was prasied, appreciated and also condemned and forced to leave the country is also coming out.

LokoJatra ebong Shahittyo Renowned writer Hassan Azizul Huq's collection of essays

A collection of essays, Sangsaeeder Iswar  by the young writer, Ahmed Mostafa Kamal is being published where the writer focuses new light on traditional beliefs and gives a new expression through one unique language of his own.

We shall also publish a collection of short stories named Jeeboner Purano Brittanto  by Akimun Rahman:

Life with its darkness, delight, bitterness and simple pleasant moments is presented in the stories of this book. Like the Dutch painters of Medieval Periods, Akimun loves to present ordinary life with extreme vividness . Like her novels, in this short stories also, life has been potrayed in its full bloom.

Ankur is also going to present Bengali translation of the novel The Piano Teacher by the Austrian born Noble Laureate Elfriede Jelenek. This is the first time in Bangladesh that any Noble Laureate is getting published with permission from the writer and the authorized publisher.

We are also publishing classic short stories of renowned writers Bideshi Bichitra Galpa translated into Bengali by Professor Dilder Hossain.

Mesbahuddin Ahmed, owner of Ankur and Chardik writes from Bangladesh.