Please send e-mails to Congressman Rohrabacher!

 A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Published on March 30, 2007

Dear Mukto-Mona forum members and guest visitors:
The time is of essence now.  Please write e-mails to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher requesting him to withdraw his support for convicted killer Mohiuddin.  The Congressman had blocked the deportation of Mohiuddin. If enough e-mails are generated, then, the Congressman may change his mind and withdraw his support for Mohiuddin.

Please ask your spouse, friends, co-workers to write e-mail.  I am attaching here a short e-mail, which you may send to the Congressman.  Make sure you spell your full name with complete address and phone number at the bottom.

A.H. Jaffor Ullah


E-mail address of Congressman Rohrabacher: [email protected]


Sample Letter


Dear Honorable Congressman Dana Rohrabacher:
I am writing to you concerning an important issue engendered by your action to block the deportation of a convicted killer.  Perhaps you do not know the crime Mr. Mohiuddin had committed in the early hours of August 15, 1975 or else you would not have sided with this convicted killer.  On top of it he is in violation of the U.S. Immigration laws.

Mr. Mohiuddin and his fellow junior military officers who participated in the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Bangladesh on August 15, 1975 is not at all repentant for the crime he committed in cold blood. 

Dear Congressman, if you believe in constitutional democracy, then, you should not support the deportation of a man who took part willingly to kill the president of a country who was democratically elected.  I urge you not to put a roadblock in the deportation of Mr. Mohiuddin.  He fled the country knowing what was coming in the autumn months in 1996.  Mr. Mohiuddin will receive a fair treatment when he reaches Bangladesh.  Contrary to what you may believe, Mr. Mohiuddin will have ample time to defend himself in the court of law.  Please have faith in the judiciary of Bangladesh.  The caretaker government run by technocrats is politically neutral; therefore, Mr. Mohiuddin will have no trouble defending his case with the assistance of lawyers.

Your action to delay the justice in Bangladesh by blocking Mr. Mohiuddin's departure from America does not make sense.  If you believe in constitutional democracy, you will reverse your decision to offer Mr. Mohiuddin impunity.


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Dr. A.H. Jaffor Ullah, a researcher and columnist, writes from New Orleans