A befitting reply to a curmudgeon

[Syed Aslam, Titu Ahmed, Quazi Azzizul Hoque � all rolled into one person]

 A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Published on April 06, 2006

 WRT: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mukto-mona/message/32185

Syed Aslam, Titu Ahmed - different monikers - but one lone person � Quazi Azzizul Hoque - beneath it.  It took Syed Aslam (a phony person who writes using multiple pseudonyms to harass decent people in the Net) quite a bit of time to respond to my rebuttal to his hateful write-ups in Mukto-Mona.  He finally replied, but see who is showing chutzpah now! 

As usual, I will do a paragraph-by-paragraph rebuttal to his hate-laden post until it breaks into smithereens.  There is a plethora of lies and innuendos in his post, which I will expose; therefore, please bear with me. 

Syed Aslam (who also calls himself Titu Ahmed in the Net is none other than a fellow who goes by the name Quazi Azzizul Hoque - the family-given name he guardedly hides lest his true identity brings a deluge of shame to him and his loved ones.


 Syed Aslam (SA) wrote::


<<An Academician or A Braggadocio Boy?>>


<<S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse

A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,

Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.

Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo

Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,

Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo. (1)>>


Jaffor Ullah (JU) replies:   

Mr. Smart Alec, by posting T.S. Eliot's famous poem you showed your ignorance - a big time.  Eliot did not write the stanza that you lifted from his poem.  It was written by thirteenth century Florentine poet Dante Alighieri�s (Inferno, XXVII Verse, 61-66).  Lest you know, Eliot lifted the stanza to mock the twentieth century English society.  The English translation (not mine) of the stanza is as follows: 

If I believed that my answer would be

To someone who would ever return to earth,

This flame would move no more,

But because no one from this gulf

Has ever returned alive, if what I hear is true,

I can reply with no fear of infamy.


SA wrote:


<<"Academia is where I do belong". - JU>>


JU replies:  

Academician - oh, yes.  Braggart - none.  I spent 16 long years in academia at a stretch from 1969 through 1985 in three universities.  The position that I hold now falls into academic research.  Just as any professor would do, I do fundamental research in protein biochemistry, write papers for peer-reviewed journal, gives presentation at scientific meetings and symposiums, give seminars, and teach doctoral and post-doctoral students when opportunities land.  So, if I do not belong to academia, then who does, Mr. Curmudgeon?  You may have a narrow definition of academia; however, all my life in America I dwelt in academe.  It is state of mind, mind you. 


SA wrote: 

      <<So, you must be a "Distinguished Professor" with 200 plus peer-reviewed scientific publications in reputed Journals of Molecular Biology/Biochemistry !>>


JU replies: 

Did I say that I am a distinguished professor?  You made it up didn't you, silly old boy!  I am now in academia after a sojourn of two decades.  Should it bother a dunce like you, I bet it does!  Please visit the PubMed database of NIH.  Trust me, it won't cost you a dime. Search the database using my official name "Abul Ullah" and "Phytase" - the enzyme that was characterized by me first.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  I do not like to state these but then you cornered me, didn't you?  The journals are all first rate.  Check it out!


SA wrote: 

     << We are so proud of you ..... all Bangladeshi are ... I just wonder, how come they missed your name while generating a list of 12 most famous Bangladeshi alive?>>


JU replies:  

I do not go and tell others that I am an accomplished researcher.  I do not lobby for any "coveted" deshi prize.  That may be your cup of tea and not mine.


SA wrote: 

   << I have been told that some fed employees currently under a rehab program as support-staffs in Ithaca have started to pretend as Ivy League faculty members:

I think, this is a natural consequence of excessive stress from Hurricane Katrina Disaster (PSTD). No one can blame them ....  Different people have different psychological needs, different frustrations for different reasons.  Sixtish and delusional- people compensate their unrealistic wish-list by pretensions, especially if their life long dream of getting a tenure-track faculty position remains unfulfilled.>>


JU replies: 

Your information is all wrong.  I was transferred to U.S. Plant, Soil, and Nutrition Lab in Ithaca, NY.  However, when I came here, a professor located at Morrison Hall in the eastern edge of the campus went to the Dean of CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) and arranged to have me and another colleague into the department.  My salary comes from my employer; however, I am housed in the department with a full-fledged office and secretarial help.  I am being introduced as a professor to the students.  I have already given multiple seminars and a score of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are working with me daily.  As soon as our facility in New Orleans is repaired from the hurricane damage, I will return.  After finishing my stint at University of Illinois in 1985 I never did apply for an academic position because during Reagan's time the administration's focus was on developing Star War technology.  Thus, I applied for a full time research position with the U.S. government.  It was a good decision in the hindsight. I have no desire to apply for a full-time faculty position.  So, what is the point you are driving at, Mr. Curmudgeon? 


SA wrote:


    <<Following key words from DSM-IV may be helpful for a self-assessment:


     Grandiosity: "Academia is where I belong"

     Delusion:    "... how humble I am in my personal life  ..."

     Denial:      "Do I have an obsession to be real famous?"


     Paranoia:   "From the style of writing I can bet my bottom dollar that he writes using a 

                         nom de plume".


     Vanity &

     Complacence: Certificate from an American Editor (Ms. Carolyn Steinhoff Smith)>>


 JU replies: 

I have the slightest idea what DSM-IV stands for.  Those above lines are your interpretation of my sentences taken out of context.  Only a born loser does play this game to demean a person.


SA wrote: 

        <<Narcissism is a denial of the true self. Contrary to popular belief, these are borderline people who can't accept themselves or anyone else. They are self-absorbed persons with superiority complex, who thrive on intellectual snobbery and are often boastful and egotistical.>>


JU replies: 

Who are you tell who is a marginal case and who is a successful person.  Who gave you this onerous job, may I ask?  Hiding behind a nom de plume you can ill afford to take a swipe at others?  When was the last time that you penned an original article?  How long do you plan to lift lines from Eliot without realizing that the poets did not pen those lines?  This goes to show how ill you informed really are.  Does not empty vessel sound much?   


SA wrote:


<<Dr. Ullah, for your information, currently, I live in North Blend, Oregon and an entry level project management professional (PMP).  Hope, this will help you to stop spreading rumors out of your imaginations.>>


JU replies: 

Here is a prodigious fib that you just made.  North Blend, Oregon?  No such place in Oregon does exist.  Go search Google map and verify my answer.  A person should not misspell the town he lives - not once but twice.  In your hate-laden short rebuttal you misspelled "North Bend" as "North Blend."  My mother and rest of brothers and sisters all live in Portland, Oregon.  I know where North Bend is.  Just do not lie in a public forum.  Readers, if my guess is right, Mr. Azzizul Hoque never did set his foot on Oregon in his life.  An Oregonian would not misspell North Bend two times in the same write-up, would he?  There is this possibility that Mr. Hoque who writes from Bear, Delaware sends his write-up to a friend in North Bend, Oregon who then sends the write-up to M-M or other forums.  An IP check will indeed show Syed Aslam�s rants coming from North Bend, OR.  But sadly, Mr. Hoque did not do his math right.  He did not hear the name correctly over the phone from his friend the name of the city in Oregon; thus, in his dexterous hand, North Bend becomes �North Blend� not once but twice in a short article.  He will try to defend his weakness in geography by saying he mistyped the name.  However, I implore to my readership � how often one would mistype the name of his town or city twice.  Give us a break Mr. Azzizul Hoque. Your game is up.  Don�t say that your real name�s spelling is very awkward thus you chose a smart name.  How about naming yourself �James Bond� while you reincarnate from Titu and Aslam, huh?     


SA wrote:  

 <<If you ever come to Oregon, while I am still here, be my guest: we can enjoy discussions on Jibananda's poems over a cup of coffee. We can measure out our lives with coffee spoons (1) and that may resolve the generation gaps between us.>>


JU replies: 

Again you are lying through your teeth.  By now it is an open secret that you use multiple fake names to post in various deshi forums.  In one of those posts you signed your name �Syed Aslam� but the e-mail address showed glaringly another person�s name (Titu Ahmed).  Sometimes in your state of confusion you get mixed up a big time, and then, fall into your own trap, Mr. Hoque. 


They say, �Birds of feather flock together.�  You and your buddy Mr. A.H. Mohiuddin (Transgender Setara Hashem from NYC whose real name is A.H. Mohiuddin) like to harass people in the Net.  If I am allowed to say so, your days of lambasting decent people in the Net are all but numbered.   The games that you and your friend play in the Net tell in volume your pathetic state mind.  Thanks for your invitation for coming over and chatting with you on Jibanananda Das's poem.  I have to respectfully decline that offer lest no one is there in North Blend by the name Syed Aslam.  Where is North Blend, anyway?  In J. Alfred Prufrock's land of make belief, I presume?


SA wrote:


<<Thanks for your esteemed comments.>>


<<Syed Aslam

North blend, OR>>


<<(1) T. S. Eliot: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock>>


JU replies: 

Readers please note, Mr. Syed Aslam does the same mistake - he misspells the name of the intended city where he lives, vicariously, though.  The beautiful town of North Bend becomes "North blend" in his deft hand. 

Mr. Quazi Azzizul Hoque, there are so many gems in Indic literature.  Have you read any from Kali Dasa, Kasi Dasa, Krittibas, Bhorotchandra, and M.M. Datta?  It goes to show your mental impoverishment when you blithely quote Eliot, MacLeish while ignoring the gems from our deshi poets.  Do you think MacLeish and Eliot wrote anything for us - the deshis?  Think hard.   Or, is it a ploy to tell others that you are one of a kind � the occidental lover who knows the ethos and mores of western societies.  Only a person who wants to feel a notch above others would ignore the giant poets of India while falling for poets whose work has no relevance for us - the poor deshis.  No hard feelings Mr. Azzizul Hoque.  "You reap what you sow" is an age-old wise saying.  Be mindful of it and think twice before stroking the keys of your pc.  What you scribble may come to haunt you.  Ciao! 


A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Honness Lane,

Ithaca, New York