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A Pakistani's re-assessment of 1971 [Daily Star]
Jamaat's Denial of 1971 [Daily Star editorial]  [Response: BB | AH | GSG ]

Dr. Fakhruddin's Speech at Columbia and the �Paradox� of Bangladesh

Sentiment That Dies Hard [on cartoon controversy]

Sending Innocent Children to Death in Heaven's Name  [with Mehul Kamdar]
            [Weekly Holiday, July 13, 2007]  [Responses at Sulekha blog]

Rahul Gandhi insults a nation and its people  [The New Age Op-Ed with Mehul Kamdar]

Future of Bangladesh under Khelafat Majlish: A Sample Analysis  

US congress election 2006: an eyewitness' account  [Daily Star, Nov. 13, 2006]

BUSH�s WAR ON TERROR: THE MISSING FACTOR  [The Bangladesh Observer editorial with Avijit Roy]

Of Expatriate Bangladeshi Societies in USA    [Response: B. Beg | S. Bain | S. Ullah ]

Does fascism  too lie in beholder's eye? (Shibir  threatens to kill secular intellectuals)

When a freedom fighter sells his kidney for survival

United for a better Bangladesh?

Escapist Biman?

An Appeal to All Bangalees/Bangladeshis living in the USA

George Bush for Second Term? No way! (Rebuttal to Ali Sina)

Dick Cheney's America

Mukto-Mona in The New York Times Reader's Opinion

Is BD Army a Holy Sacred Cow?

An Open Letter to Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)

Open letter to Awami League leaders & activists


A Pseudo-scientist gets 25 million Taka from PM Khaleda!

Some Brief Reactions on Late President Reagan and his Legacy

�Free world� has holocaust deniers  (fwd. article)



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