Hello Washington: What�s Sharia ? Why Sharia ?

Hasan Mahmud debates with Md. Qamruzzaman

By Anis Ahmed

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(Bangla Transcript)

Our weekly show, Hello Washington, on January 18, 2006 was focused on Sharia which is widely known as Islamic law. However, while answering questions from our listeners the speakers debated on the basic issue whether the law itself is Koranic or it demonstrably violates the sayings of Koran. Our distinguished guests were Mohammad Qamruzzaman, Senior Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamati Islami, a fundamentalist party in the ruling coalition in Bangladesh and Hasan Mahmud, Director of Sharia, Muslim Canadian Congress. Mr Qamruzzaman essentially said that the Sharia was in accordance with Koran while Mr Hasan Mahmud refuted the arguments. This interesting controversial discussions also included issues like women�s right in divorcing the husband, unequal punishment for extra marital relationship, rights of the religious minority etc.

The show was hosted by Anis Ahmed

The message is forwarded by Jamal Hasan in MM