Different opinions on Islamization in Bangladesh

8/17 Blast:

Entire Nation Threatened by Series of Bomb Blast  Ajoy Roy [Reaction]

Bomb Blast : President of Islamic Foundation arrested Ajoy Roy [More on Moulana Fariduddn]

The Talibanization of Bangladesh  Abdulla Al-Madani

Is the State still in a state of denial? Mozammel H. Khan

The �mainstream� Muslim and violence Mahfuzur Rahman

Dhaka is in disarray in the wake of 8/17 Islamic blitzkrieg A.H. Jaffor Ullah

Who patronizes the extremists in Bangladesh? Shabbir Ahmed

BOOK REVIEW Bangladesh: The New Afghanistan? Bartil Linter (fwd Jamal Hasan)

Some News on Islamization in BD:

Jamat-i-Islami of Bangladesh and the Regional Jihadi Networks.  Shahriar Kabir

Some Bangla Articles on  Killing of Dr. Kibria


Appeal to the People of Habiganj by Asma Kibria

Petition : We Demand Security (fwd Robin Khundkar)

Appeal to MM members Ajoy Roy

Appeal to Overseas Bangladesh Communities Asma Kibria

Kibria Family took position on the road as a mark of protest Ajoy Roy

We Will Not Rest Until Justice is Done Reza Kibria

An afterthought of grenade attack in Habiganj Shabbir Ahmed

Bangladesh is now in the radar screen A.H. Jaffor Ullah

AMS Kibria Killed by Grenade throw: A Tribute  Ajoy Roy

How long this bloodletting could continue?  A.H. Jaffor Ullah


Bangla Bhai Writes to Allah Abul Kasem



Religious Extremism and Nationalism in Bangladesh Bertil Lintner

Jamat-i-Islami of Bangladesh and the Regional Jihadi Networks.  Shahriar Kabir

Put the deadly genie back into bottle before it is too late!  Dr. Jaffor Ullah

A Bangladeshi Love Affair? Chris Blackburn


Suicide Bombing and Jongi-Baad in BD:

Response :  Biplab Pal

News on Gazipur Chittagong attack : MM

Debate on Islamization in BD: Monsur Ibrahim | Taj Hasmi | Shabbir Ahmed

ELIZA GRISWOLD features 'The Next Islamist Revolution' in NY times

BD Newspapers: Direct links of Jamat with armed miltitants in Bangladesh

Kibria's Assassination : Islamist-Terrors Gave Justification To Eliza's Article Maksud Labib

Golam Mortuza highlights some real pictures in Shaptahik 2000

Bangladeshis divided on extent of extremists' influence

Dr. Taj Hashmi's comment on Eliza Griswold's article

MM members react on this issue:

Bangladesh is now in the radar screen Dr. Jaffor Ullah

Jaffor, Please don't advocate for foreign intervention to our motherland   Mohiuddin

Mr. Mohiuddin, keep silent if you lack the courage to speak out the truth Jahed Ahmed

Someone must be paying Mr. Mohiuddin Anwar to write such thing as a rebuttal.  Dr. Jaffor Ullah

I have lived in Bangladesh for almost 8 years and cannot subscribe to any of the allegations made in the piece of Eliza. MBI Munshi

If Mr Munshi is a well-wisher of Bangladesh, he should recognize the truth Gobinda Bar

Why are you refuting the existence of Bangla Bhai? It beats me!  Dr. Jaffor Ullah

Munshi is singing the same song in the same tune as the BNP-Jamat administration Prodip Saha

Islamic Revolution - A myth? Joanna K.

It is both puzzling and painful to recognize that there are still some people abroad who loudly deny the recent record of Islamization in Bangladesh.  Avijit Roy


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