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Mukto-Mona (www.mukto-mona.com) is an Internet congregation of freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, atheists & humanists of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent who are scattered across the globe. Our mission is to promote science, rationalism, secularism, freethinking, human rights, religious tolerance, and harmony amongst all people in the globe.  To that end, Mukto-mona regularly posts analytical articles, essays, reviews and debates on relevant topics in its homepage and forum. Since its founding back in the mid 2001, Mukto-mona has been able to draw the attention of many like-minded thinkers including many distinguished authors, scientists, philosophers and human rights activists from all around the world.

We are against all kinds of social injustices, religious and oppressive dogmas, doctrines, and discriminations.  We critique everything that hinders people's access to civil liberty, freedom, democracy and secularism.  We take a strong stand against all kinds of human rights violations such as oppression of ethnic/religious minority community and gender-based discriminations against women, homosexuals and others. We have, and still do condemn oppressions and persecutions against minority Hindu, Quadiyani and other ethnic communities in Bangladesh; targeted killings of minority Muslims in Gujarat, India, oppressions of Palestinians and others. We strongly oppose Iraq War since we don't support illegal and coercive occupation of an independent and sovereign but militarily weaker country by its stronger counterpart [Read our recent interview with Daily star].

Many of our writers and activists include figures that are quite prominent for their talent, integrity and the firm commitments to the causes of liberty, democracy, secularism and rationalism.  Examples include--to name a few--late Prof. Humayun Azad (writer, social thinker and educator; Dhaka), Prof. Sirajul Islam Chowdhury (writer, social thinker and educator; Dhaka), Prof. Ajoy Roy (scientist, rationalist, educator, and writer; Dhaka), Dr. Jaffor Ullah (scientist, writer, and columnist; USA), Prabir Gosh (rationalist, writer, and investigator of unusual claims; Calcutta), Dr. Ghulam Murshid (author, researcher, and journalist of BBC; Calcutta),  James Randi (professional magician, author, lecturer, and renowned investigator of paranormal phenomenon; USA), Prof. Paul Kurtz (secular humanist, philosopher, and writer; USA), Prof. Pervez Hoodbhoy (scientist, educator, columnist; Pakistan), Dr. Mark Perakh, Dr.Victor Stenger (scientist, philosopher, and author; USA), Dr. Mozammel H. Khan (Professor and writer) and many more budding writers and socio-political activists.

Mukto-Mona is politically a non-partisan and non-profit organization; however, we strongly endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN and wish to work for implementations of the same in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. 




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Members of Advisory Board :
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  • Mahbub Sayeed
  • Dr. Irtishad Ahmad
  • Dr. Mizan Rahman

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  • Avijit Roy
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  • Tanbira Talukder

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Please send your articles directly at [email protected]  Article will be duely published in our moderated forum. If selected,  it will be published in our site in later date.

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