Some FAQs on Mukto-Mona Forum. 

    How can I be a member of Mukto-Mona forum?

Send a blank email from the address that you wish to use, to:  [email protected]

Or you may type your e-mail address below and press "Join now" button to subscribe:

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    Is help available, in case I have difficulty subscribing / unsubscribing?

        Sure. Please send an email explaining your issue in detail to [email protected] 


    Can I send my article/response without being a member of your forum?

        Yes you can. Please send your stuff at: [email protected] directly. Our group setting has been done in such a way that anyone (members/nonmembers) can post messages, though each message requires approval of the moderator(s) to get published.


    Do every messages get posted in MM forum?

        Normally moderators do not want to reject any post. However, we reserve the right to edit or not to post messages that are abusive, hateful, off-topic, duplicate and insulting to a race, nation or person.  Please read our guidelines before sending your messages. 


    Do I have to actively participate in discussions as a subscriber?


    What are the options to receive emails?

        You can choose to: 

  • Receive a single email in a daily digest text format -containing all posts of the day; 
  • select the Web Only option--read mail by visiting the website only, no emails to your mailbox. 
  • The default, however, is a single email per message post.

You can change your setting from Edit My Membership option from our forum. However, if you are unable to do, you may seek our assistance by sending e-mail to [email protected] 

    Can I send any personal message through the Forum?

        Normally not. In case you need to send such a message or want to contact any of our members offline, please contact us.

    Is Mukto-Mona affiliated with any other organization?

        No. Mukto-Mona is politically a non-partisan and non-profit organization and as a whole, we are not affiliated with any particular political party any where in the world. However, we may seek collaboration with initiatives of various rationalist and humanist organizations that are consistent with our mission and objectives. Check About Us section for more.

    Does Mukto-Mona release subscriber information to anyone?

        No, we do not. We even delete members' email addresses when we post messages. You might want to check our Privacy Policy.

    How long does it take for a message to be posted?

        General time frame is 24-72 hours.  Any exception to this may be a consequence of the number of pending messages and other factors.

    I would like to compose a message on a topic, but I may need some help.  What are my options?

        Depending on the scope of your need, we might be able to offer assistance.

    What if I don't see my article posted in the forum and web-site (main page)?

        We reserve the right to edit or not to post messages that are abusive, hateful, off-topic, duplicate and insulting to a race, nation or person. If you think your article or post are free from these and do not see your article in the forum, there is a good chance that we have not received your article. Sometimes sender's email-id automatically goes to bouncing status or account may be temporarily disabled by yahoogroups itself, prior to moderator's knowledge. In such case, we do not receive any article from that account. Please read this to stop your account from bouncing or reactivating. If you feel that your article has not been posted, please send email to our moderator's personal account. Do not send repeated email to the forum. Since forum does not receive any email from bouncing account, there is no way to  know that the particular member is unhappy about the post. Please contact with the following person:

For Bangla Articles - Farid Ahmed ([email protected]) and Tanbira Talukder ([email protected])

For English Articles - Jahed Ahmed ([email protected])  and Mehul Kamdar ([email protected]). 

You can also give a CC to Avijit Roy ([email protected]) to avoid any kind of dispute.

The articles selected for Mukto-Mona main page should be interesting and highly readable essays, but keep in mind that our mission is to defend and promote a naturalistic worldview, freethinking, humanism and rationalism. Your  submissions should be somehow related to that mission. So, submission of any articles/messages at our forum does not automatically qualify them to be posted at the main page. In this case, site-moderators and founding moderator reserve the right to select submissions for main page.


    I would like unsubscribe from the group, what should I do?

        You can unsubscribe from the group by directly sending a blank email at: [email protected]

But before doing that, please let us know the reason of your decision. Your critical feedback will help us to evaluate our effort.  However, many new members decide to unsubscribe as they cant handle large numbers of individual mails. If this is the only reason,  our suggestion is that you can keep your membership, and try some other options (for e.g. daily digest or No-email) of receiving mails. It will protect your account from getting bulk mails.

    I cant see Bangla properly, what will I do ?

Step: 1
First of all, install support for Windows complex script to view complex Asian characters like Bangla. You can download it from here (alt). Run it and install.

Step: 2
Install an Unicode Bangla font. You can download Rupali Bangla font from here . Download it and copy that file into Control Panel > Fonts. After copying the font press F5 twice. It will refresh the font list Window.

Step 3
Configure you browser so that it uses your newly installed Bangla unicode font.

  1. For Internet Explorer user, go to Tools > Internet Options. Click on the Fonts button. Then select Language Script : Bengali, Webpage font: BNG. Click Ok.
  2. For Firefox user, go to Tool > Options. Then go to Contents tab. Click on the Advanced under Fonts and Colors option. Select Fonts for Bengali, and select BNG as Serif, San serif and Monospace font.

You are DONE after browser configuration.

For more in this issue under different Operating systems, visit this Wikipedia page.

For some of our old articles, you may need 

 Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your system. We use to publish Bangla articles in pdf format which is readable even if your system does not have any Bangla font. Nowadys we do not encourage people to send pdf. We are trying to shift to unicode. Kindly check this message.


If the above questions did not cover your inquiry, please feel free contact us at [email protected]